10 *Little* Lies EVERY Guy Tells His Girlfriend!

10 *Little* Lies EVERY Guy Tells His Girlfriend!
We all resort to white lies once in a while. Especially, when it comes to relationships, where you don’t want to hurt your partner but also want to do the things you want… white lies are the only cushion to fall back on. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, you probably just want to avoid the not-so-major confrontations. Same goes with men. Here are 10 lies guys tell their girlfriends and why!

1. ‘It’s so hectic at work right now.’

He simply can’t multitask and you can’t really get mad about a work-related excuse so he goes with this one. Easy peasy!

2. ‘Yeah, let’s watch that romantic movie this weekend!’

Quite frankly, if he had the option he would go for the action movie instead but he doesn’t so he will go with whatever you want to watch instead of complaining. He is looking forward to spending time with you but definitely not the movie! 2 lies guys tell their girlfriends

3. ‘I love our cuddle time!’

Cuddle time is fun for women because it’s warm and nice but for men, after awhile it just means a sore arm and an awkward boner accompanied with hair all over their face. No wonder they are not huge fans. But, of course, he would never tell you that.

4. ‘Sorry I missed your calls, my phone was in the other room!’

He missed your calls because he was probably playing video game with his friends but he’d rather go with the standard ‘I just didn’t see it’ excuse and get done with it. 4 lies guys tell their girlfriends

5. ‘I’m not thinking about anything.’

Except how his favourite football team is doing but that’s really not the discussion he wants to have. You know those moments when you just want to be lost in your thoughts? Yeah, he is having one of those. It doesn’t mean he is hiding something from you, he just doesn’t think it’s important enough to be said out loud.

6. ‘I love spending time with your family/ friends.’

It’s quite exhausting to be pleasing someone’s family or friends by constantly being a ray of sunshine. So does he enjoy it? No. But he does it, nevertheless, for you and your relationship. 6 lies guys tell their girlfriends

7. ‘No, of course, I wouldn’t check other women out when I am with you!’

He does check out other girls. Just because he finds someone attractive doesn’t mean he will cheat on you. However, since that’s the assumption you might make, he’d rather stay shut.

8. ‘Of course you don't look fat in that!’

Truth is, he wouldn't be able to tell even if you did! He will say no just for the sake of avoiding the argument that will follow if he says ‘I don't know’. 8 lies guys tell their girlfriends

9. ‘I want to take things slow too.’

If you allowed, he would want to have sex with you. But he doesn’t want to rush you or come across as someone who is just interested in sex, so, he would rather say that he’s okay with taking it slow.

10. ‘I would never lie to you.’

Because it just doesn’t feel great when someone admits they lie to you sometimes but not very often, does it?
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