15 Kickass Replies For When Someone Calls You ‘Too Emotional’

15 Kickass Replies For When Someone Calls You ‘Too Emotional’
We live in a world where being ‘tough’ is appreciated. People may, at times, judge you for feeling too much and being too emotional. Here are a few funny and witty comebacks for situations when people ask you to stop being so ‘emotional’ all the time.

1. ‘Just because you have the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have.’

Go all Hermione Granger on them and shut them up. 1 stop being so emotional

2. ‘Of course I feel too much. I’m a universe of exploding stars!’

This totally badass quote by S. Ajna is the perfect comeback. Talk about poetic justice!

3. ‘Being emotional is my super power. What’s yours?’

How many people can actually boast of wearing their heart on their sleeve? 3 stop being so emotional

4. ‘I’m practicing for my audition for a Hindi daily soap. Do you think I’ll get a role?’

*Major eye roll*

5. ‘Teach me how, Hannibal Lecter!’

If it’s so cool to be emotionless and cold, might as well learn how to do it. 5 stop being so emotional

6. ‘And? That concerns you how?’

Simple, yet effective!

7. ‘Oh I’m sorry. Was that supposed to be offending? The only thing offending me here, is your face.’

Side note: Walk away and cry only when alone!

7 stop being so emotional

8. ‘I’m not trying to be rude, but you’re just insignificant.’

Subtext: I am trying to be rude.

9. ‘You have your entire life to be a jerk. Why not take today off?’

*Mic drop*

9 stop being so emotional

10. ‘I'm sorry I didn't get that - I don't speak idiot.’

Emotionless people do not belong to this planet!

11. ‘Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me neither.’

Total douchebag move, my friend. Also, you’re unfriended. 11 stop being so emotional

12. ‘Someday you'll go far... And I hope you stay there.’

You do not need this kind of negativity in your life.

13. ‘Are you always such an idiot or do you just show off when I’m around?’

Why else would somebody ask you to stop being emotional? 13 stop being so emotional

14. Remember that time I said I thought you were cool? I lied.’

I secretly think you still are but you will never know that now!

15. ‘Don’t talk loud, you lower the IQ of the entire street.’

Talk about going Sherlock Holmes on them! 15 stop being so emotional GIFs: Giphy