10 Things You Should Avoid Saying To Your Boyfriend… In Bed!

10 Things You Should Avoid Saying To Your Boyfriend… In Bed!
When your boyfriend is in bed with you, he's thinking about many things - his body, his performance, how to pleasure you more... With a million things on his mind, the last thing he wants is for you show him down - even if it's unintentional! Because honestly, sometimes it is a good idea to hold back. Here are 10 things to not to say to your boyfriend… Especially in bed!

1. ‘Aww!’

You can use it a lot of times, like when you’re cuddling him or kissing him or when you receive a romantic text from him... But don't (we repeat, DON'T) use it to describe your man’s pride and joy. Yes, we mean his penis! ‘Wow!’ would be a better choice. 1 not to say to your boyfriend

2. ‘So my mom was saying…’

We get that you can get a bit distracted during sex. It's completely okay. But hearing about your mom, his mom, or for that matter, anyone's mom, is a definite mood killer!

3. ‘Do you think I’ve gained weight?’

Maybe you have, maybe you haven't. But, trust us, he is so not gonna notice it when he's in bed with you! Sure he has all eyes on you - but in a very good way! Don't put him in a fix by asking this! 3 not to say to your boyfriend

4. ‘I think you should start working out again.’

Girls, it's okay to notice that he isn't being able to hold you up against the wall like he used to but let's keep this bit of advice for a bit later, hmm?

5. ‘Where is our relationship going?’

We're drawing this line for you, ladies. This is a talk that requires a man and woman to be at least semi-clothed and in a conversational state of mind to discuss their future... Not be horny in bed!
5 not to say to your boyfriend

6. ‘This is getting a bit boring…’

You may have gotten bored of vanilla sex and want to experiment with something new, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, using the word boring is just a bit mean, isn't it? Instead, ask him about his kinky fantasies and take it from there!

7. ‘Uh, what are you wearing?’

Just like you make an effort to dress up and look hot in bed, he could want to do the same too! The next time he wears a cute pair of boxers, just know that he is secretly waiting for you to appreciate them and reward him by…taking them off, of course!! *Wink* 7 not to say to your boyfriend

8. ‘What’s wrong?’

Ditch playing the girl from Pyaar Ka Punchnama and stop asking him, ‘what’s wrong?’ Nothing was wrong until you asked him that and made him think about why you would think there was something wrong! It's too much confusion - let it be!

9. ‘Did you, um, trim properly?’

You’re making out with full passion and intensity and you suddenly want to know about his grooming habits… It's like a cold shower for a guy, girls! 9 not to say to your boyfriend

10. ‘Don't you want to brush your teeth first?’

You both are in the mood for some hanky panky and suddenly you go, ‘Babe, why haven't you brushed your teeth?’ Trust us, this is a bit of a turn off in the middle of a deep sensual kiss. He may climb out of bed and brush his teeth but we can’t promise that you’ll get any action after that!
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