What His Favourite Emoji Says About… His *Flirting* Style!

What His Favourite Emoji Says About… His *Flirting* Style!
Texting has become one of the major forms of communication everywhere and in this virtual world, we all have found our own little ways of expressing our feelings. Emojis or emoticons are just perfect because they turn a completely unabashed sentence seem coy. Here’s what his favourite emoji says about his flirting style.

1. The wink emoji

what his favourite emoji says 1 The wink emoji is the fun emoji and if he uses this often he may be trying to tell you that it’s all ‘chill’. He is the mischievous kind and wants to take things slow and casually until something serious happens. He will be the one to keep you entertained all through the day with his great sense of humor and charm!

2. The smiling face emoji

what his favourite emoji says 2 This one will leave you perplexed because you will not know how to feel towards the end of the conversation. The frequent smile emojis will make you wonder what he really wants to say. Here is the answer ladies, he is one of those guys who wants you to keep decoding how he feels about you but has a really decent way of taking things forward.

3. The blush emoji

what his favourite emoji says 3 Hey there, a cutie in the house! Guys using this emoji are too cute to resist. They are shy, yet want to express their feelings and thus cover it up with this emoji. So, ‘How are you doing pretty face?’ won’t seem so cute if it wasn’t for this emoji.

4. The love heart kiss emoji

what his favourite emoji says 4 This is a popular emoji with every guy who loves to text. It just simply means that he wants you to know that he likes you and uses this emoji to convey it in a manner that’s not too OTT. He flirts with you subtly but makes sure he conveys how he feels. This one definitely sets your heart racing when your crush sends it to you, doesn’t it?

5. The tongue out emoji

what his favourite emoji says 5 This one is most commonly used by guys in situations where they want to convey something to you but are actually very shy of saying it upfront. This one has an array of emotions attached to it which is why it is a sure shot hit. If he uses this too often, he probably wants you to know he has some feelings for you but is kinda jittery about whether or not it will go down well with you.

6. The angel emoji

what his favourite emoji says 6 Cutie in the house! If your guy uses this emoji he probably likes to keep it simple. He is the kind of guy who is mostly coy but smart enough to keep you hooked. So what have you been doing? *Angel*

7. Smiling face with a cold sweat emoji

what his favourite emoji says 7 So this guy who loves this emoji really likes you but is very very conscious of what he is saying to you. He is making sure he does not goof up by saying anything that will offend you. This nervous cutie will actually do whatever he can to not mess things up. #Aww

8. The red heart emoji

what his favourite emoji says 8 All hail this emoji! This means he is into some serious flirting. Ladies, if he uses this smiley more often than he should, he is probably head over heels in love with you. So cute!

9. The lovestruck emoji

what his favourite emoji says 9 This little guy is everyone’s favourite for expressing awesomeness! ‘You look so pretty today!’ *Lovestruck* This emoji is an expression of how awesome he feels you are. If he uses this emoji a lot… He is probably lovestruck and wants you to know that.

10. The hug emoji

-what his favourite emoji says 10 Even though this emoji was added recently, it has become everyone’s favourite. If your sweetheart is sending you a lot of these, then know that he is the cuddly one. He would probably give you warm fuzzy hugs when you see him in person next. Aww!
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