From Girlfriend To Wife… 11 Changes You’ll Totally Relate To!

From Girlfriend To Wife… 11 Changes You’ll Totally Relate To!
You’re the same old you, he’s the same old him, and yet you two aren’t the same. When you get married and take each other as man and wife, things start changing. Without even knowing when, you stop being his girlfriend and become his partner for life. Here’s how life changes when you become his wife!

1. You start looking after his little needs, instead of expecting to be pampered by him all the time.

It’s not like you didn’t care about him before you got married, or that he doesn’t pamper you anymore. It’s just that now that you live together as adults, you kinda look after each other. Your love for each other comes across not through moments spent pampering each other, but the moments spent making sure the other has everything he/ she needs, all day, every day.

2. You’re much more ready to let go and make up, instead of trying to prove a point and win an argument.

No, not because good wives don’t argue, but because your partner and his wellbeing matter more than a stupid argument. It’s not like you fight any less with him though, it’s just that you let go sooner and go back to being cuddly and loving, not long after the fight. 2 when you become his wife

3. You feel responsible for his well-being and happiness, and surprise yourself by doing things for him that you’ve never done.

Yes, you were always in love and ready to do whatever it takes to make each other happy, but marriage changes the way you look at one another. Now that you are his wife, his mate for life, you feel like his sorrows and victories are yours to share all the more. You are even ready to give up on something for yourself, if it gets him what he wants. And this works both ways.

4. You dress up for him, yes, but you no longer feel the need to be dressed around him, always.

He makes you feel beautiful just the way you are – tensed, pregnant, untidy, glowing, naked, dressed – and that’s what makes you feel that he loves you for who you are and not how you look. He may have told you so before, but now his actions speak louder than his words. 4 when you become his wife

5. When you go shopping, you end up buying a lot more things for him, instead of planning exclusive surprises reserved for special occasions.

‘Coz you’ve realised that little moments every day matter more than rare grand gestures on some days.

6. You feel secure about your relationship, and get jealous only for effect.

You’ve read vows and committed to being beside each other in health and in sickness, for better or for worse – and now, there is just no turning back. Earlier, the uncertain future may have scared you, but now you’re sure of your relationship and feel much more bonded. 6 when you become his wife

7. His family feels a lot like your own.

Earlier, his parents may have felt like two people you need to impress and get along with, but now they are family, and you don’t respect them any less than you respect your own parents.

8. You feel more like a team, than a couple.

Everything you two do is for both of you. You aren’t just a couple in love, you are a team that functions together. You earn for each other, spend on each other, save to fulfil one another’s dream and live as a testimony of every moment of each other’s life. 8 when you become his wife

9. You laugh through embarrassing moments during sex, instead of worrying about making it perfect.

Nights spent making love and talking and laughing are more precious to you than the act of sex, in itself. You’ve realised that sex gets better with age and familiarity, for that’s when you are most comfortable to make mistakes and seek new adventures.

10. You feel closer to him, physically and emotionally.

Living with him day in and day out and being by his side through the best and worst days of your lives has made you inseparable. Marriage has brought in a new level of intimacy that even you couldn’t previously imagine was possible between you two.
10 when you become his wife

11.You may have been honest with him before too, but now you don’t feel the need to hide anything from him.

You aren’t insecure about being judged by him, or worry that he’ll think any less of you for anything you say or do. You feel like there is no part of you that you need to hide away from him. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr