#HeSays: What Your Guy Thinks When You Send Him A *Nude* Pic!

#HeSays: What Your Guy Thinks When You Send Him A *Nude* Pic!
We'll be first ones to accept that we don't get to appreciate your body enough - even when a guy is with his girlfriend, we often get distracted by other...activities when the clothes come off. Which is why we love it when you ladies decide to send us nudes! Here's what guys think when girls send nude pictures!

1. Wait... Is this what I think it is?

That moment when we see a blurry figure before 3G lets the image load! Too much anticipation. Too much.

2. Oh, damn! It IS!

And it's like we can see again after being blind for days. And then we think we might be dreaming because we couldn't be this lucky, could we?

3. Man, what I would give to be next to her right now.

No, really, ANYTHING. Like, that PS4 in the corner? That can go. The new car? Nobody cares about that! 3 when girls send nude pictures

4. She looks so...WOW.

We will finally get around to just staring at the picture (without blinking) and wondering exactly what we did to deserve someone as beautiful as you. Because you look so fiiiine!

5. I wonder if she would agree to Facetime me like this.

Because we can't help but try our luck and milk this situation for all that it’s worth. Who knows when we'll get the opportunity next?!

6. I can at least ask for a few more pictures, right?

Well, clearly you had something naughty on your mind when you decided to send us the picture. So don't blame us if we (gently) nudge you to explore a bit more in that direction... 6 when girls send nude pictures

7. Why I am not on my way over, again?

Sorry, just can't get over the fact that we're not with you at this moment. The truth of it just cannot sink in.

8. F*ck, I'm so horny now.

Aaaaand, coming down to the result of one single picture - probably the quickest boner of our lives. You just have that effect, ladies!

9. I can't wait to meet her.

While we promise to cherish that picture forever, we can't help but start imagining crazy, wild sex scenarios in our heads - because that's all we've got right now. 9 when girls send nude pictures

10. She might be the best thing to have ever happened to me...

Couldn't have asked for anything more in life. You're the BEST. And you look gorgeous naked. It should be a crime to cover all that up. Okay, shutting up now. Images: Giphy, Shutterstock