what boobs really mean to guys

What *Boobs* Really Mean To Guys - 15 Things You Didn’t Know!

Shivani Shrivastava

Trending Editor

Girls, you probably know that boobs are your most fancied assets. And who fancies them? Guys! So have you ever wondered what boobs really mean to guys? And no, we are not implying the literal meaning of breasts, but what they really, really mean to guys. While for us they are just two balls made of fat and muscle on our chests, for guys, boobs are their obsession. (Well, for most guys, at least!) Anyway, I was getting bored and so I turned to Urban Dictionary, you know, just to pass the time…and guess what I stumbled across? I started searching for random words in the dictionary and when I searched for boobs, I got some HILARIOUS answers. So here, I have curated some of the funniest ones for you. Go ahead and have a great time reading these!   

1. ‘Proof that there is a god.’

2. ‘Things that guys like to play with.’

3. ‘God's most lovely creation.’

3 what boobs really mean to guys

4. ‘Things that guys love and can’t resist.’

5. ‘Things that make guys and the occasional chick do whatever the bearer of them wishes.’

6. ‘The softest, squishiest, warmest, most perfect thing imaginable. And guess what? They come in pairs.’

6 what boobs really mean to guys

7. ‘The cause of all of life's problems and the solution to all of life's problems.’

8. ‘The answer to everything.’

9. ‘Weapons of mass distraction.’

9 what boobs really mean to guys

10. ‘Weapons of mass turbation.’

11. ‘The things that give life meaning and joy.’

12. ‘Things that are so unbelievably awesome, they come in pairs.’

12 what boobs really mean to guys

13. ‘A very warm and comfortable pillow.’

14. ‘A mind control device for women to use against men.’

15. ‘Man's best friends. Not counting his penis.’

15 what boobs really mean to guys

Source: Urban Dictionary

These were SO funny, I died laughing.
Published on Mar 26, 2017
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