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#HeSays: What A Guy Thinks When His Girlfriend’s Period Is Late!

#HeSays: What A Guy Thinks When His Girlfriend’s Period Is Late!

Ladies, let us be very clear - many of us might seem a bit flaky when it comes to accepting responsibility, we know, but whenever you find yourself in a seriously difficult situation, please know that you're not alone. Like...when your period is late, We might seem like we're calm and have it all together… But we really don't! We're equally scared and worried, but just trying to hide it from you. Here's what we really think when your period is late!
1. Oh. F*CK. 2. I should really keep a calendar for this so I'm mentally prepared to be stressed before she tells me. 3. But when should I be really worried? I mean, how many days late is really, really late? 4. I'm sure she'll hit me if I ask her, though. 5. She does seem like she's a bit on edge… 5 period is late 6. What if she's PMSing, though? That's good, right? 7. Okay, gotta calm her down, she's going to go crazy with worry otherwise. 8. And I need to sit down and do some serious Googling. 9. I don't remember us being at all careless this last month. 10. Yes, yes, I remember protection isn't 100% guaranteed. 10 period is late 11. Why can we reach the moon but still not develop a foolproof form of birth control? 12. Oh, yea, there is one - just don't have sex! 13. I SO hope she's not thinking like this, though… 14. If she is, my sex life is so over. 15. Ughhh, that is so NOT helpful right now. My love life will be over if I can't be supportive right now. 15 period is late 16. What should I do? Go and pick up a pregnancy test? Take her to the doctor? 17. Our parents are going to disown us if they find out… 18. How are mature adults suppose to act in these situations? I suddenly feel like a child again. And not in a good way. 19. No, if I can have sex, I can deal with the consequences. 20. I'm gonna pick up the phone, call her and discuss this with her. 20 period is late 21. But first… I'm gonna calm the f*ck down. Yes, that's a good start.
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Published on Mar 6, 2017
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