10 Times You Miss Your Younger Sister SO Much After The Wedding!

10 Times You Miss Your Younger Sister SO Much After The Wedding!
The bond that sisters share is different from all other relationships in SO many ways. You both fight like crazy but you also can’t live a minute without each other. And if you’re the elder one, then you almost always treat the chhoti behna like your little kid! And imagine having to leave behind this adorable li’l kiddo once you get married. The thought itself is hard to digest, right? Here are 10 ways you miss your younger sister after getting married. But don’t you worry girl, this bond will only get deeper with the distance!

1. When you don’t have anyone to share your clothes with!

All this while, you hated sharing your clothes, but now that you’re married, you surprisingly miss this annoying habit of hers. You miss fighting with her over that top, you miss that time she would secretly wear your new dress, you miss that ecstatic face of hers every time you bought something new because she knew she would get to use it too! 1 miss your younger sister after getting married

2. When she isn’t around to pass you the TV remote!

You know how younger siblings are! They’d do all your chores… obviously for something in return. And it gave you all the feels to order them around. ‘Remote paas karde, Coke ki bottle lee aa, make my bed’. Who else is going to obey your demands now?!

3. When eating junk at midnight is no longer as much fun.

Oh, how you miss those days! The late night maggie experiments and midnight munch sessions are never the same without your little sister. Sure you’ll have your hubby to give you company, but it’s just not the same! 3 miss your younger sister after getting married

4. When you can no longer make impromptu plans.

When you have your own best friend living with you, you really don’t have to think twice before making a plan. From a trip to Sarojini to a late night movie, you’re going to miss those spur of the moment plans you two made and thoroughly enjoyed.

5. When dressing up for an occasion just doesn’t feel the same

Dressing up meant trying out 10 different outfits and annoying each other for their nod of approval. You would never step out of the house unless your sister approved of your dress and overall look! And while you helped her with the eye makeup, she’d make sure your bun looks just fine. All this with your favourite music playing in the background! How do you ever make dressing up a fun event without her?! 5 miss your younger sister after getting married

6. When Sunday morning beauty rituals become BORING

Raise your hands if you too spend Sundays trying various new beauty home remedies with your sis. You’d both read up and whip up some amazing new hair or face pack every weekend. And then those selfies with the packs on. After marriage, you’ll still do it for your skin but will it be as much fun?

7. When you miss your endless chit-chats

From stalking your not-so-nice cousins on Facebook, to discussing your common friend’s love story - the sisters gossiping never stops. Just lieing in bed with the lights switched off and having that chat session as you both drift off to sleep… you’re going to miss this SOO much. 7 miss your younger sister after getting married

8. When you miss having those petty little fights

Because let’s admit it… fighting with your younger sister is fun sometimes! And weirdest of all, you will actually miss this bit. From who gets to use the bathroom first to who is mom more partial towards, these bitter sweet-arguments only happen with your sister.

9. When you miss feeling young around her

She made you feel young. With her around you felt young and wild and carefree. Partying with her friends always took you back to your college days and it felt okay to do those stupid, silly things without being judged. You’ll miss her because without her, you feel all grown up. And who wants that, right?! 9 miss your younger sister after getting married

10. When you really miss pampering her

You love her. And you love to pamper her. Buy her pretty new things, lend her money when she’s out with her friends, treating her to her favourite chocolate fudge or just about giving her a tight hug when she’s feeling low. You miss being the elder sister to her. You miss taking care of her or making her feel loved and special every single day. GIFs: Giphy