11 Awesome Ways To Add That *Filmy Tadka* To Your Shaadi!

11 Awesome Ways To Add That *Filmy Tadka* To Your Shaadi!
Desi weddings are all about drama, shor-sharaba, naach-gaana and being larger-than-life. And since we have grown up on a heavy dose of Bollywood, it makes sense to draw some inspiration from it and make our big day, even bigger. While it may seem a bit daunting, we’ve simplified it for you in this beginner’s guide on ways to make your wedding filmy.

1. Pick the right location

Preferably outdoors to allow the sense of space and grandeur to prevail. While exotic destination weddings are in, you can try and achieve the same effect if you choose a good location back home – and the right wedding planner, of course.

2. Keep a constant theme

From the décor to the food, make sure you follow one theme to make it easy for the organisers and also for your guests to assimilate the opulence.  While more is less in desi shaadis, you don’t want to be ostentatious.

3. Focus on the smaller functions too

From an at-home haldi to a rocking mehendi ceremony – keep it personal for just friends and family but make sure they are having just as much fun as you. Call professional mehendi wallas, let the cocktails flow. Those aunties playing the dholki and singing folk songs – super welcome! 3 make your wedding filmy

4. Have a KILLER sangeet

This may require months of coordination with the groom’s family and also assigning a professional dancer to teach all of you the moves – but girl, this is one party you will enjoy the most in your life – so bring it on, Bollywood style. We’re talking performances, sentimental speeches, et al!

5. Get an awesome photographer and videographer

Your wedding didn’t really happen until there are some awesome candid, celeb-like photographs and a film that is unforgettable. Make sure to brief them about all the moments you specifically want captured and leave the candid ones for them to decide.

6. Wear a head-turning outfit

No shaadi is perfect without that the most awesome bridal lehenga. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, but make sure it is super-duper rocking. Check for images on Pinterest for some cool ideas and scout well. If you’d also like to wear an awesome ‘Kareena waala lehenga’, go ahead, we say. 6 make your wedding filmy

7. Hair drama

Desi shaadis are all about being the ‘heroine of your blockbuster film’. Hire a great hairdresser who will magically transform your tresses into a hairstyle straight out of a princess’s diary!

8. Gems and baubles

Let the drama continue with heavy jewellery to match your outfit and hair. Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be real – but girl, it’d better, better be grand!

9. Themed trousseau

Sprinkle some of that golden dust of Bollywood on the trousseau as well. Look up for what the stars are sporting at parties – dhoti sari, lace churidars, sari with a belt – the options are plenty. 9 make your wedding filmy

10. Pheras or the main ceremony

The main element of your BIG day and a time you will never forget. Let your friends and family make it fun, happening and a moment to cherish! Get a big mandap made to fit everyone in just so that they can be there are you take your pheras and promise to love and cherish each other.

11. Music galore

Let your DJ know what you want and don’t hesitate to play the clichéd 90s music – because nothing spells shaadi better than a song from a Barjatya or a KJo blockbuster.
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