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If He Loves You Through These 11 Things - Never Let Him Go!

If He Loves You Through These 11 Things - Never Let Him Go!

The forever kind of love always manages to stand out. However, it’s not the bigger things in life that indicate that your love is true. It is, in fact, the smaller things. So if your boyfriend has seen you through these 11 situations and still loves you, it's okay to assume that your love will last forever!

1. When you feel tired and defeated…

Because life can be a struggle and sometimes all you want to do is give up. If he can see you through that and believe in you when you don’t have enough faith in yourself, then, he is your happily ever after. 1 love will last forever

2. When you are going through a career crisis...

You know that phase when you just don’t know where your career is heading or what you really want to do? That’s actually hard on your partner too. Even if he cannot help you figure it out but can still stay calm and composed and be supportive of your experiments - it is the most wonderful thing!

3. When you are broke...

Everyone has this phase at least once. If your guy can help you sail through it without hurting your dignity or making you feel uncomfortable, well, kiss him already and hold on tight! 3 love will last forever

4. When you face failure...

You will be a mess and it’s gonna be one rough patch for you. If he can be your rock and motivate you to come out of your glum zone and go at it again, he really wants the best for you.

5. When you are PMSing and going a little crazy!

Well, any man who can handle this even moderately well deserves applause. It means he gets you even in the moments when you are all cranky and crazy! 5 love will last forever

6. When you are not being able to give your 100% to your relationship...

Of course, you won’t do that on purpose. But sometimes your relationship tends to take a backseat when you are too preoccupied with your career or your family or something else in your life. If he can understand your situation and not make a big deal about it, he is definitely a keeper!

7. When you are not as emotionally available to him as you’d like to be...

Again, it's not something one does on purpose but sometimes you are distracted or are having a rough day. He may get somewhat mad at you (which is understandable) but in the end he knows you care and that you aren’t exactly in your element.
7 love will last forever

8. When you cannot help but crib about work all day, everyday...

He probably has had a bad day too and may not enjoy your rant a lot, but he understands your need to vent and is patient with you.

9. When your past resurfaces and it’s not the most comfortable situation...

He knows you better than anyone else in the world and no matter how uncomfortable the situation may be, his faith in you remains unshakable. 9 love will last forever

10. When you are miles apart…

Because distance can be so hard sometimes. If he can love you with all his heart even when you are far apart, he is the man for you.

11. When you pick a big fight with him about something silly...

He has no intention of cataloguing this fight for future reference or making you feel guilty over it! He is willing to forgive and forget! 11 love will last forever GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Mar 7, 2017
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