11 Ways To Show Him You Love Him - When Words Aren’t Enough!

11 Ways To Show Him You Love Him - When Words Aren’t Enough!
Love is not a single sentiment – it is a string of emotions, deeply attached to each other. While the three magic words mean a lot, sometimes, they aren’t enough to tell your man how much he means to you and how much you value his existence in your life. So why not take a different route and express your love without saying ‘I Love You’ for once – because actions speak louder than words!

1. Pet talking

When he waited for you for an hour in the rain while you were stuck in traffic - have his, yours or a good friend’s pet pose with a placard that says ‘Thank you for waiting… You mean the world to her!’ Click a photo and send it to him!

2. Bake a cake

It's really not all that difficult. Give it a try. Or buy one from a bakery and write ‘for my hot property’ on it with frosting.

3. Get crafty

Wrap a box with the cover of his favourite magazine. Inside, place a framed magazine cover with his photograph on it. Write a note saying, ‘Don’t forget me when you reach the top!’ We know it might sound silly but it will mean a lot! 3 tell your boyfriend you love him

4. Hot invite

Send him an envelope with an offer for a sensuous massage that he just can’t resist. He’ll surely reply with a ‘can’t wait!’. Or, you never know, he might just turn up!

5. Play on

Get him something to play with – a cool, new gadget or a new video game that just released. He'll know that you really, really care then!

6. Showered with love

Get in the shower and give him a bath – wash his hair, scrub his back, make him soak his feet… Pamper him till he can't be pampered anymore!
6 tell your boyfriend you love him

7. Surprise, surprise

Put together a hamper, full of his favourite childhood sweets. Add a sweet note on top that begins with, ‘To the child in you!’

8. Make a playlist

Super, duper clichéd, but make a playlist of his favourite tracks for him to listen to on his way to work and back - he'll appreciate it every day.

9. Drop by at work

For an impromptu lunch or a quick cup of coffee, if you can! Or even just to say hi, if you're in the neighbourhood. Just watch his face brighten up when he sees you! 9 tell your boyfriend you love him

10. Work help

Helping him out with a problem. If he can't manage his chores, find him an app that'll make things easier for him. If he's nervous about a presentation, offer to be his audience!

11. Hug often

Nothing compares to a big bear (or bare) hug! *Wink* GIFs: Giphy