10 Not-So-Kinky Ways To Spice Up *Vanilla* Sex With Him!

10 Not-So-Kinky Ways To Spice Up *Vanilla* Sex With Him!

Ever heard of the term vanilla sex? Yes, we have talked about it for quite some time now. Plain simple sex is sometimes a bliss especially when you’ve been reading a lot about ‘trying something new’ each time. Simple sex can also be fun especially when you know what to do when and if you don’t, we’re here to help you (like we’ve always been). Here are 10 ways to spice up vanilla sex (yeah, even that’s possible)!

1. The right kinda music

Music is an instant mood lifter. We always switch from one mood to the other in a second with good music. Put on some amazing sultry music and just groove with it. You will surely have a great time between the sheets. We swear! 1 spice up vanilla sex (1)

2. Some scented candles

Just as the music changes the aura, candles make sure it’s all nice and romantic. Light some scented candles because it makes everything seem magical. We’re sure the fragrance will turn you both on!

3. Ditch the bed

Bed is passe! No we don’t mean to say that you should not have sex on the bed. Sex on  the bed is great but why not try some other place? Like the kitchen or the bathroom? It’s always good to try out new places even when you want to do the ordinary! 3 spice up vanilla sex

4. Wine, dine and...

Wine and dine? Or wine, dine and sixty nine! Start your date with some wine along with strawberries is a great way to kickstart the moment. Have a glass of wine before getting into action for an amazing foreplay followed by great sex.

5. The right kinda foreplay

Taking the time to let things heat up can be the key to a satisfactory (read amazing) sex. Take things slow and reach the pinnacle of arousal before you actually do the act! What’s the hurry anyway? 5 spice up vanilla sex

6. Play a game or two

Play sex games to make sure things stay hot. A round of strip poker or any other game will just add thrill to your regular session. What’s even better? Play strip monopoly! Whoever wins gets to take the lead. How ‘bout that? *Wink*

7. Tease a little

Teasing is basically a sweet little act that actually makes lovemaking 10 times hotter! It makes the other person anticipate your next move, which by the way, increase the chances of an orgasm, ladies. Vanilla sex with some sprinkles… This move. *Lovestruck* 7 spice up vanilla sex

8. Try a new position

It’s always good to try something new! Missionary is everyone's favourite but it’s always good to try a different position and explore a new way to satisfy your partner!

9. The right lingerie

There is nothing that a pretty lingerie can’t fix! From your mood to your sex life, we’re serious! All you need to do is wear the best lingerie you own and kill him with all the kindness. 9 spice up vanilla sex

10. Nibble the ear

Nibbling is the most underrated sex move ever. It does wonders and we mean it. Nibble his ear or just lick it. It will turn him on like nothing else. Images: Shutterstock, Giphy