13 Tiny Ways To Show Him That You Really, Really Miss Him!

13 Tiny Ways To Show Him That You Really, Really Miss Him!
Isn't it really difficult to be away from your partner for a long period of time? You just end up missing him too much! Well, here a few fun ways you can show him you miss him (even though we’re sure he knows). He’ll love you all the more for these! 1. A loving message Send him a heartfelt text telling him how much you love and miss him. You can even make it more original by adding a personal touch with an inside joke. 1 show him you miss him

2. Write a letter

Handwritten love letters are seriously underrated. Write him a love letter for every day that you’re apart. If that’s too much, make it a thing you do on alternate days. Then at the end of the week, post them to him together!

3. Care package

Send him a care package of things that you know he needs and wants. Make this a monthly ritual. He’ll be more than thankful for this! 3 show him you miss him

4. Short and sweet videos

Make videos for him of new places you’ve visited or the places you used to visit together. They needn’t be long. Snapchat your way into his heart and mind!

5. Memories scrapbook

Remember how we used to make collages and photo scrapbooks for each other on birthdays? Make one for him too with photos of you two together so he has something to flip through when he misses you! 5 show him you miss him

6. Social Media love

Hashtags like Man Crush Monday (#MCM) and Throwback Thursday (#TBT) were made so that you could show some extra love to your partner on social media. Go ahead, upload a picture of him and let everyone know how much you miss him!

7. Take his opinion

A small gesture like asking him what dress you should buy when you’re out shopping can let him know how much you miss him in your day-to-day life. Try to make him a part of your silly errands. He’ll love it, for sure! 7 show him you miss him

8. Surprise him

We know this is a bit more difficult to plan but if you can, surprise him by landing at his doorstep one day. The look of surprise and happiness on his face will make up for all the days you were away from each other!

9. Play games

Apps like QuizUp let you play games with your friends no matter where they are. Challenge each other to such fun games and have a ball beating each other. 9 show him you miss him

10. Mixtape message

Make him a mixtape of all the romantic songs that make you think of him. Give him something soulful to listen to on gloomy days!

11. Sext to make things steamy

Since you’ll be spending most of the time of your phones, why not indulge in some phone sex? Send him a naughty text and let him know you want him - right here, right now. 11 show him you miss him

12. Watch a show together

Start watching a tv series together. You two can be on a call while watching it so that you can hear each other’s reactions and it’ll feel like he’s right next to you.

13. Keep journals

Keep a journal with you at all times and write down the things you want him to know or things that make you miss him. Then give him this journal when you two meet again. It’ll make him feel so loved and appreciated!! 13 show him you miss him GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr