10 Ways Your Phone Can Actually Make You Seem Smarter!

10 Ways Your Phone Can Actually Make You Seem Smarter!
Our smartphones have helped us avert many disasters. After all, it is the one all-purpose device sustaining our vanity and nurturing our intelligence at the same time. We can click a selfie of our OOTD and go back to reading a book or watching a film in a span of seconds. Here are 10 ways to seem smarter - thanks to your phone!

1. All hail Auto Correct

What would we do without our phones magically correcting our spellings as we type that important work email? Or that angry text to our boyfriend who also happens to be a grammar nazi? Without no one really having the time to pick up a big fat dictionary, auto correct is the one superpower that everyone, armed with a smartphone, has. ways to seem smarter 1

2. No information is too much information

Thanks to the internet easily accessible on our cell phones, we really have no excuse to not stay updated about what’s happening in the world. And it does make us appear a whole lot smarter than we think we are.

3. Realise your inherent talents

Because of your smartphone - you are a great photographer and your Instagram is booming with new followers and likes every day. Like the Selfie Expert F1s, its 16MP front camera with unique beautify function could help you easily capture every cherish moment. Last month, OPPO revealed the world’s leading 5x Dual Camera Zoom tech at the Mobile World Congress. With it, you’ll be a professional photographer with your smartphone! Can’t wait to see OPPO’s next product! ways to seem smarter 3

4. Makes life SO much easier

Whatever it is that you want - a cab, groceries, a brand new sofa or a plate of steaming hot dim sums - everything is just a click away from being delivered at your doorstep.

5. Pursue your interests on the go

If you have to travel a long haul to get to work everyday, you can listen to an audiobook or podcasts on the go, tune it to your favourite playlists, watch movies and tv shows. Your smartphone ensures you are always engaged during those times of the day, which you would have otherwise considered unproductive. ways to seem smarter 5

6. There’s a smarter way to shop!

Remember how you hate standing in never-ending queues during the end-of-season sales at shopping malls? The internet is now a ginormous marketplace where you can splurge on your favourite brands from the comfort of your home. Now that’s a smart decision!

7. Add to the dialogue

Owing to internet-enabled phones, we are constantly made aware of the issues that our society is grappling with. While we might think that a single voice is inconsequential, but our words matter and the World Wide Web empowers us to use them wisely. ways to seem smarter 7

8. Less talk, more work

We all have times when we genuinely don’t want to socialise or participate in any kind of conversations. During these occasions, our smartphones enable us to effectively pretend that we are busy with some urgent work. That’s one hall pass we all need and deserve.

9. Online to Offline

Our smartphones are also like guide books, pointing us towards the kind of events or activities we would really like to attend in real life. Be it a music or a food festival, a marathon or that touring play that you had wanted to watch for the longest time! ways to seem smarter 9

10. Not all who wander are lost

Thanks to GPS and built-in map applications we are never too lost to find our way back to the right street. That is smartness, personified! *This post is in partnership with OPPO