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31 Easy Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger… In 31 Days!

31 Easy Ways To Make Your Relationship Stronger… In 31 Days!

As individuals we are caught up in our own errant lifestyles. On some days, washing our hair feels like a task, so, maintaining successful relationships is a different beast altogether. But being in love is like going to the gym, you have to make an effort every day so that every moment with your partner feels memorable. Here are 31 ways to make make your relationship stronger by doing a little something, every day of the month!
1. Wake him up with a morning kiss and tell him that you love him. 2. Be supportive of him. If he realises one day that he wants to quit his job and start something new, discuss the issue rather than dismissing it. 3. Compliment him… because remember the times he said you’re beautiful without you having to ask? 4. Let work take a backseat when you are spending time with your partner. Give him your complete attention. 5. When you’re out on a date, put your phone away and live the moment to the fullest and make beautiful memories. 5 make your relationship stronger 6. Go out on a date with him, at least once a week. Doesn’t need to be extravagant, as long as you know you’ll have a great time together. 7. Give him his privacy. If he wants to stay in and play Call of Duty on a weekend, give that to him. 8. Don’t nag him, just be assertive if you want to remind him that it is his chance to do the laundry, or get the groceries. Better still, do it together. 9. Give him a surprise gift! When you’re out shopping for yourself and you find something he might like, get it for him. Whether it is a big box of cookies or a Captain America t-shirt. 10. Make him feel involved in your life. Tell him all about your challenging day at work and all that gossip! And hear him out when he does the same. 10 make your relationship stronger (1) 11. Spice things up in the bedroom and be the one who initiates sex. 12. Thank him for making your family feel so loved and treating them like his own. 13. Don’t take him for granted, whether it’s to do a chore or to understand you when you’re PMS-ing. 14. Brush up your massaging skills and help him relax at the end of a long, tiring day. 15. Book an impromptu trip, tickets to his favourite cricket match or to a concert he’s been dying to go! 15 make your relationship stronger 16. Send him a cutesy message, in the middle of your work day. 17. Trust him and don’t be insecure about his female friends. 18. Apologise for the times you have truly messed up and try not repeating them. 19. Be his biggest cheerleader and his fiercest critic and stand by him come what may. 20. Discuss your problems openly instead of debating or fighting about it. 20 make your relationship stronger 21. Be there for him. Any occasion big or small, if he wants you to be by his side, let your presence speak louder than words. 22. When you and your partner have an argument, discuss and work towards resolving the issue, instead of bringing the past and making things ugly. 23. Respond to your partner’s frankness and vulnerability by being there for him, in all those little moments. Let him know that he can trust you with his emotions. 24. Encourage your partner to take time out to take care of himself. Whether it is a health check-up or splurging on an expensive moisturizer, help him put himself first. 25. Talk about the positive aspects of your relationship while truly making the effort to reduce your mutual differences. 25 make your relationship stronger 26. Don’t be overtly judgmental about his near and dear ones. 27. Celebrate all your big and small milestones. 28. Remember the little things that make him happy. 29. Don’t say ‘no’ without hearing him out. 30. Love him for who he is than what he can or will become. 30 make your relationship stronger 31. Never switch off the lights without a kiss and an ‘I love you’. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Mar 1, 2017
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