13 Little Ways To Battle The ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ Feeling | POPxo
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13 Little Ways To Battle The ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ Feeling

13 Little Ways To Battle The ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ Feeling

Some days you just don’t feel like getting up and facing the world. The constant nagging feeling of ‘not being good enough’ can really weigh down a person. It happens to the best of us and we end up forgetting our worth so many times. Here are a few ways your can get yourself out of this zone...

1. Chatter Away

Talk to your best friend or whoever you feel comfortable expressing your feelings to. They’ll help boost your confidence and invalidate all the thoughts pulling you down. If possible, surround yourself with people who love you and nothing will feel better than their company! 1 battle the not good enough feeling

2. Help Others Out

Helping out somebody who genuinely needs it will do wonders for your frame of mind. Go volunteer at a local shelter or with a school for the less fortunate. This will make your count your own blessings.

3. It’s Party Time

Go out with a bunch of friends and just let your hair down - even if you're not sure it'll help. Celebrate your failures just as you would celebrate your success. See these failures as stepping stones to ultimate success. Dance out the stress!! 3 battle the not good enough feeling

4. List It Out

Write down 5-10 things you think you are best at and then try doing some of these. Having written proof of what you’re great at will help get rid of this feeling very quickly!

5. Take Out Some ‘Me’ Time!

Order your favourite food, put on some good music and draw yourself a relaxing bath. Treat yourself to the simple pleasures of life. It's an instant mood lifter! 5 battle the not good enough feeling

6. Exercise Your Way To Happiness

Exercising releases endorphins (or ‘feel good’ hormones) in your body. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in your mind and help your control your emotions and deal better with pain. By the way, sex counts as exercise, so pull your bae closer to you1

7. TV To The Rescue

Grab some popcorn and start a funny tv series or watch a comedy movie or, for that matter, any movie that makes you feel good. Laughter is the best medicine! 7 battle the not good enough feeling

8. Pursue Your Passion

We all have hobbies that over time we stop finding time for. Find this one activity that you have always loved and are passionate about and spend one whole day doing it. Our passions are food for our soul.

9. Clean Your House

Or your car... Or do any chore that you’ve been delaying for a while. The sense of accomplishment you'll feel after completing the task will help you feel much better about yourself. 9 battle the not good enough feeling

10. Press Pause On Your Brain

It is said that one shouldn't believe everything their brain tells them. It has a habit of overthinking and making your mood miserable. Ask it to shut up for a while and don’t listen to what it has to say. How? Meditation is an amazing way to do this. Relaxing with some soothing music is another!

11. Time To Be A Kid Again

Go to a local amusement park. The rides there will remind you of a simpler time when life was less complicated. Plus, the adrenaline rush on those dangerous rides will give you a happy high too! 11 battle the not good enough feeling

12. Get Yourself Some Pet Love

Take out some time to pet a dog or cat. Animals have a special way of calming us. It’ll help you relax and put a smile on your face. Look for a volunteer option with an animal welfare NGO or if you happen to be in Delhi, you can visit Puppychino Cafe for some pet-love!

13. Acceptance is the first step...

...to healing! Accept where you are right now. Once you accept your present situation fully only then will you be able to work on improving or changing it. GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 31, 2017
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