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What EVERY Girl Should Do To A Guy Who Tries To ‘Touch’ Her!

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

‘I'm sorry.’

Two simple words. How many times did you use them yesterday? Or last week for that matter? You can't keep a count, right? Neither could I. But I remember the times I meant it, like after a fight with my mom. I remember a few times when it was just an instinct, like while asking the waiter for another fork. And there are the times I didn't mean it, like when someone deliberately brushed past me in the metro, when a man kept following me, telling me I looked beautiful and asking for my name. Or that time when a friend told me that I should quit being a ‘tease’.

After watching this Unblushed Taapsee Pannu video though, I feel the need to say it once more and to someone much more important. Myself. I'm sorry that I didn't stand up for myself, I'm sorry that I backed down and I'm sorry that I let people treat my body like a piece of meat - day in and day out. There - it's out of my system. If you're wondering about the many times you've apologized for no reason, you should try it too. It makes you feel lighter. It makes you feel respected. It makes you feel like you matter. And it all starts with YOU.

So arm yourself, ladies. Like Taapsee says in the amazing video - it's time to hit back.
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Published on Mar 30, 2017
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