bras every girl should have

10 Types Of *Bras* Every Girl Needs To Own Before She Turns 21!

Srishti Sabharwal

Senior Fashion Writer

When you start wearing bras, the world is a whole new place altogether. You hate it at first and then get used to it for all the support it provides you with. It’s been awhile since we bought our very first bra and styles are evolving with each passing day. But in spite of your love hate relationship with them, here are 10 bras EVERY girl should have by the time she’s 21! ‘Coz our ta tas need all the love and support to stay healthy!

1. The Everyday Essential

1 bras every girl should have

A simple and comfortable t-shirt bra in a nude colour that matches your skintone can be worn under almost anything. You might think a white bra should be good enough. But guess what, a white bra shows right through white tops! A nude coloured bra that blends with with your skintone is an investment to make.

POPxo Recommends: Cotton Underwired T-Shirt Bra (Rs 599)

2. The Super Pretty One!

2 bras every girl should have

‘Coz who doesn’t like to own a super pretty bra? Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and trust us, a sexy bra will surely make you feel that way. Or at least make you hate wearing bras a little less! You can wear it on a special night with bae or just when you need to perk up your mood.

POPxo Recommends: Navy Blue Solid Bra (Rs 2,795)

3. A Strapless Bra

3 bras every girl should have

Visible bra straps through spaghetti tops can totally ruin a look, girls. While sometimes they can actually add to our look, most often though, they’re better hidden. For all the strapless tops and dresses in your closet, you need a good-quality strapless bra that stays in it’s place no matter how much you dance or move around!

POPxo Recommends: Push Up Strapless Bra (Rs 1,276)

4. The Seamless One

4 bras every girl should have

Seamless bras are made for all those body hugging t-shirts and dresses in your wardrobe. ‘Coz you don’t want your bra to grab attention for all the wrong reasons, right? It’s worth investing in a couple of these *miracle fit* bras, as they give you a smooth silhouette and won’t ruin your look with visible lines.  

POPxo Recommends: Seamless Plunge Bra (Rs 799)

5. Workout Babies!

5 bras every girl should have

A regular bra just won’t give your girls the kind of support they need when you workout. Whether you’re small chested or big, you need a sports bra to get you through any kind of workout session! You can go for thicker straps, underwire and racerback designs if you have a bigger bust.

POPxo Recommends: Grey Sports Bra (Rs 1,257)

6. The Pseudo Backless Bra

6 bras every girl should have

You shouldn’t have to think too much before buying a dress with an interesting back. A bra with a transparent back strap is surely going to make life so much easier for you! Go ahead and flaunt that gorgeous back, ladies!

POPxo Recommends: Transparent Back Strap Bra (Rs 399)

7. The Comfy Bralette

7 bras every girl should have

With summer around the corner, you will surely need a comfortable bralette in your lingerie collection. These styles are comfortable and also provide the support a regular bra would. You can wear these beauties as tops and throw a shrug or kimono on top to look summer ready instantly!

POPxo Recommends: Embroidered Lace Bralette (Rs 695)

8. A Convertible Bra

8 bras every girl should have

Girls, this multiway bra that can be worn in 5 different ways is definitely a wardrobe staple! We’re sure you’ve stocked up on one shoulder and off shoulder tops for the days to come, so why not match it with a convertible bra and show it off?

POPxo Recommends: Convertible Bra (Rs 899)

9. The One With A Plunging Neckline!

9 bras every girl should have

Because when you wear a deep neck top, you shouldn’t have to keep adjusting your neckline. Wearing a bra with a plunging neckline will save you from worrying about your bra peeking through your low cut top or dress. The yoke of such bras is lower than a regular t-shirt bra, which gives an instant boost to your cleavage!  

POPxo Recommends: T-Shirt Plunge Bra (Rs 749)

10. The Stylised Back Bra

10 bras every girl should have

Want to perk up a sheer top or a strappy style? Guess what, a stylised back bra is all you need to make those simple sheer tops work in your favour! You can totally wear thisw one for a beach vacay with friends, what say?  

POPxo Recommends: Stylised Back Bra Blue (Rs 995)

Go get your hands on these awesome bras!

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Published on Mar 10, 2017
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