Truths about sex after marriage both of you should know! | POPxo

Truths about sex after marriage both of you should know!

Truths about sex after marriage both of you should know!

It’s funny how many people think marriage is the key to anytime-anywhere sex. But, those who’ve been there will warn you that there ain’t no time for sex, baby! Just like everything else, there are pros and cons to sex after marriage, too. Here are some you might want to look at before your first night. 

1. Change of zones

From being slightly embarrassed about finding ways of doing the deed, you head straight into the comfort zone of doing it as and when you wish on the first night of your married life. 

2. Grooming woes

Remember the time when you had to book parlour appointments to get waxed and groomed to look presentable - now you just get on with it.  2 sex after marriage

3. Lights and action

He knows you and all the scars, moles and bulges you have on your body. You can leave the lights on if you please. 

4. Tonight’s (not) the night

From ‘let’s do it tonight’ to ‘not tonight, baby’ - because there’s always tomorrow night! That may take forever to happen, but that's okay! 

5. Spontaneity is the key

So there is no such thing as planned sex. Flowers, chocolates and all that jazz doesn’t lead to a good night – just wanting to do it leads to good sex.  5 sex after marriage

6. Lingerie thoughts

You don’t have to worry about sporting sexy lingerie on your first night. Sometimes, just undressing in front of him, or roaming around braless does the trick. 

7. Counting calories

In your head, you count the calories you’d be burning with this session, and so you wish to do this workout every day. 

8. There’s a lot of time to experiment

Not necessarily Fifty Shades of Grey type experimenting, but something along those lines – go ahead, indulge.  8 sex after marriage

9. Dry spells are okay

Sometimes there are really long dry spells, so much so that there’d be cobwebs down there (if there could be). But, that’s alright. You have all the time in the world to fix it! 

10. No-stress sex

If anything goes wrong, or if you get pregnant, you both wouldn’t be freaking out as much you would otherwise. You’re married adults after all, and can handle anything that comes your way. So relaxing, eh? Phew!  Phew! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr