How To NOT Trip And Fall When Your Wear A Saree - 10 Easy Tips!

How To NOT Trip And Fall When Your Wear A Saree - 10 Easy Tips!
Walking in a saree, that too with heels can be pretty darn intimidating. So, if you’re not a saree-wearing maven, here are 10 tips to walk in a saree; hell, you’ll be able to dance and even run! Go on girls, flaunt some desi swag!

1. Master the walk

Walking in heels is anyway a task, but given the fact that you’re also wearing a saree, it’s just harder. The right way to walk in heels is to take smaller strides. Wear heels that have a broad base and won’t make your feet wobble when you’re walking on an irregular surface. Also, you should be putting your heel down first and then your toes when you walk.

2. Heels before, drape after!

2 tips to walk in a saree Consider this a thumb rule, slip into your heels before you drape the saree. Deciding the right length of the saree becomes so much easier and this way you can also adjust the length as per your comfort. This automatically makes it easier to walk while wearing the 6-yard wonder.

3. Tying it too tight

This will just make you feel uncomfortable and suffocated. It will also restrict your movement. Ensure you have a one-finger space when you tie your petticoat and make sure you’re able to breathe freely and feel comfortable when you sit.

4. Choose the right fabric

4 tips to walk in a saree Be it your saree or your petticoat, if you’re not a pro at walking without tripping over, then you should probably be more choosy when selecting your saree fabric. If you’re a saree virgin, invest in a lightweight fabric like a chiffon or a georgette that is easy to move in and avoid stiff fabrics.

5. Kick the pleats when you walk

Yes, girls, this is one trick a lot of people don’t know. Every time you walk in a saree, you feel like you might step on the hem or trip on it and fall over. But the right way to walk in heels is by kicking the pleats each time you take a step. Put your front foot forward and walk with poise!

6. Pleating the issue

6 tips to walk in a saree Pinning three-four of your saree pleats will help you a lot when you walk. When the pleats are secured in place and you follow point 5, there’s no way your saree pleats will open or even get loose at the waist. Trust in the power of the pin and you shall walk victoriously! *Wink*

7. Petticoat fit is important

If you think that inner-wear, in this case, a petticoat, isn’t important just ‘coz it doesn’t show, you’re absolutely mistaken. To be able to walk comfortably, you must wear a petticoat that’s fitted to your figure perfectly. It must neither be too body hugging nor be the free size ones because both will cause you trouble while walking!

8. Pin the pallu…

8 tips to walk in a saree At the back of the blouse. Nope, we don’t mean the shoulder, we specifically mean at the back of your blouse. This helps the pallu stay in place and not come in the way, no matter how complicated your dance steps are or when you bend to pick up something or adjust your heels strap. This lil hack also helps to keep the pallu in place when you need to walk fast.

9. Don’t clutter your look

Carrying a big bag, a camera, or wearing complicated jewellery is only going to restrict you from walking and moving around. Instead of a sling bag or a tote when you’re wearing a saree, opt for an evening clutch that doesn’t have any strings or chains. Neither will it get stuck in your pallu, nor will it come in the way of your dancing!

10. Drape it to fit well

10 tips to walk in a saree Yes, we know that you think draping your saree tightly gives it some shape and makes your curves stand out. But don’t tie it too tight in the process that you end up being unable to walk or have to take baby steps! In fact, you should experiment with drapes to find one that is most comfortable for you. Whether it’s draping your pallu in front or tucking it inside the saree, try these cool, new saree drapes to find your favourite one.
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