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10 Tips To Make Your Bridal Glow Last! (Even After The Wedding)

10 Tips To Make Your Bridal Glow Last! (Even After The Wedding)
You’ve gone all out to make sure you looked your best for your wedding. From creams and potions to facials and treatments, you’ve done it all. Now is the time to maximise the benefits of your intensive pre-wedding skincare regime. We have a couple of handy tips that will help you make your bridal glow last for a long time, even after the wedding celebrations are over!

1. Continue with your pre-wedding skincare routine

1 make your bridal glow last Maintenance is crucial in retaining your bridal glow, post marriage. Don’t become lazy now and make sure you are cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising regularly to keep your skin in the best condition ever!

2. Avoid the sun

This may be a tough one, especially if you’ve picked a beach locale for your honeymoon. Try to avoid sunlight between 12 and 3pm and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. Your skin will thank you for it later on!

3. Regular facials please

3 make your bridal glow last Don’t skip your facials after your wedding, in fact, become more diligent with them to maintain the results of your pre-bridal skincare. There are many kinds of facials for bridal glow are available. Try hydrating facials to retain moisture that may have been lost with all the makeup and harsh lighting during the shaadi celebrations.

4. Exfoliate well

It sloughs off the layer of dead skin and allows the fresh cells to surface leaving you with soft skin that will be absorb skin products way better. It is a sure-fire way to get your skin looking instantly fresh and buffed out!

5. Wear a sunscreen ALWAYS

5 make your bridal glow last Whether it is sunny or cloudy, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, always means ALWAYS. People who regularly use sunscreen have a beautiful skin tone and texture. If you’re diligent about this, it will certainly show. Carry a spray sunscreen on your honeymoon as it is very handy, non-greasy, leaves no white cast and you can sail through the application process. Now you have no excuse for skipping it!

6. Keep yourself hydrated

If you’re dehydrated even for a day, it will show on your skin as it will look sallow. Make sure you drink lots of water and detox drinks regularly.

7. Have a regular sleep schedule

7 make your bridal glow last Post-wedding parties and travel can wreck your sleep schedule. Do your best to stay on track and get your daily dose of sleep no matter what. Sleep deprivation can show immediately on your skin and even leads to weight gain in the long run. Plus, research shows that women need more sleep than men, so, ladies, here is your very legitimate reason for sleeping in- all the time!!!

8. Go easy on the makeup

You’ve probably worn a substantial amount of makeup during your wedding, so give it a miss during the time after to let your skin breathe and recuperate. Wear light to no makeup and sport a fresh and dewy look, instead of piling on layers of foundation. This way, you’ll need lesser skincare methods to keep your skin in good condition for a long time!

9. Avoid alcohol

9 make your bridal glow last Alcohol (whether applied onto your skin or ingested) is harmful for your body as it saps out the moisture which is responsible for making your skin look plump and youthful. Even if you don’t want to miss it entirely, it would be wise to reduce your alcohol intake.

10. Sheet masks

They are incredible assistants in retaining the post-facial glow. Use them everyday and allow your skin to absorb the goodness of all the serums present in them. They are usually alcohol-free and don’t need to be rinsed off as the serum gets completely absorbed into your skin. This means that all they do is nourish and hydrate your skin. Internal Images: Shutterstock