10 AMAZING Tricks To Look *Slimmer* In A Dress!

10 AMAZING Tricks To Look *Slimmer* In A Dress!
Hey ladies, do you too love wearing dresses but sometimes feel a bit conscious in them? We totally understand, the problem is real! But worry no more as we are here to help! We have listed 10 sneaky tips for you, that will make you look slimmer in dresses, instantly! You can thank us later!

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1. Choose A Deeper Colour

1 look slimmer in dresses Dark colours are known to hide problem areas and make your body look even more flattering. While choosing a dress, go for deeper colours such as emeralds, blacks and navy blues. And as we all know, black is the most universally flattering colour! We recommend picking up this gorgeous shift dress.

2. Belt It Up!

Use a pretty belt to give your dress some shape! It will cinch the smallest part of your waist, making you look slimmer instantly. This trick works well for girls with pear shaped bodies as it makes their curves look really flattering.

3. Long Stripes All The Way

3 look slimmer in dresses Vertical stripes guide the eyes through the length of your body, creating an illusion of height. They draw attention away from your width, giving you visual length and hence making you look slimmer. Not to forget, they look really chic - so it’s a win-win situation!

4. Smaller Prints FTW!

Prints can play a major role. Avoid dresses with bold and bigger prints as they might look overwhelming on you. They give an illusion of largeness, making you look bigger than you really are! So it’s advisable to stick to small and subtle prints!

5. Shapewear Helps

5 look slimmer in dresses It’s no secret that the right shapewear can make a lot of difference to how good a dress looks on you. You could invest in good quality shapewear for a cleaner look. There are a lot of different varieties available in the market. Choose one that flatters your body the most.

6. Choose A Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is one style known to look great on everyone. It highlights the smallest part of your waist, balancing out your body immediately. From pear to apple to straight, it brings out the best in all body types. You should definitely give it a try!

7. Put A Shrug On It!

7 look slimmer in dresses Invest in a colourful shrug to throw over your dress. Not only will it help hide the problem areas, but it will also look great with other items in your wardrobe. If shrugs are not your thing, you can also try summer blazers or jackets!

8. Try Side Panels

Want to fake an enviable hourglass shape? Try a dress with dark, contrasting panels going down the side of it (just like this one does!) It will create an illusion of a tinier waist, making you look slimmer instantly! You’ll never want to take it off!

9. Get High On Heels!

9 look slimmer in dresses Yes ladies, wearing heels with your dress makes a whole lot of difference to your posture. Heels accentuate your legs, making them look longer and making you look slimmer!

10. Dress For Your Body Type!

Lastly, you must always choose a dress that suits your body type. A well tailored and fitted dress will flatter your body, whenever you wear it. For finding the perfect dress for your body type, read this! Dress to impress ladies! Internal Images: Shutterstock