10 Times You Miss Your Mom SO Much After The Wedding!

10 Times You Miss Your Mom SO Much After The Wedding!
While getting married to the one you love is a beautiful feeling, it is accompanied with the pain of leaving your home, your sister, your dad, your pets, your brother and the hardest of all… Your mother! In fact, it’s only when we get married that we realize how our moms make a difference to our life everyday. And in how many little ways she makes everyday feel a bit more comfortable. All of it sprinkled with love! It’s only after you go away to your new home that you really realize just how much you miss her. And love her. Here are all the times we miss our mom after the wedding.

1. Who will give you the Sunday morning champi?!

When mom is no longer around to forcefully oil your hair on a Sunday morning while you secretly enjoy the relaxing head massage. Is my hair ever going to look gorgeous again?!

2. When you crave your favourite food at odd hours.

It is only your mom whom you can request 3 different dishes for a meal just because you’re craving a bite of of each that particular day. Or even times when you get a food craving in the middle of the night and mom actually whips it up for you instantly. 2 miss our mom

3. When you just cannot find your favourite top!

When you’re devoid of the super power your mom has of finding anything! An important paper you left on the bed, your favourite black top that seems to have gotten lost somewhere in the cupboard or those earrings you just can’t attend the party without.

4. When you have to wake up with an alarm, and not mom’s voice.

Because mom has been your only alarm clock since childhood. And now you actually have to set an alarm on your phone. And that certainly does not sound as sweet as mumma did. 4 miss our mom

5. When you need genuine fashion advice.

Every time you dress up for a party, it’s mom who’d give you the most genuine advice. How will you ever know how you really look with mom not around?

6. When you miss maa ke haath ka khaana.

‘Cause even the best of restaurants cannot make rajma chawal as delicious as moms do. And every other dish too! The taste is just plain different and you want mumma ke haath ka khana… NO MATTER WHAT. 6 miss our mom

7. When you’re under the weather.

No one. Seriously, no one takes care of you like mom does. Who’s going to make you chai, give you your meds, a light massage, make you khichdi, entertain you and tuck you in bed like mumma?! No one, really!

8. When you have to take care of EVERY little detail!

Somehow moms always know if you’ve run out of your shampoo or if your clothes for the evening are not washed or if you need a new brush or if your pants are not ironed. Living with mom is always so comforting. 8 miss our mom

9. When you’re craving a long gossip session.

Remember when you both chatted over breakfast on Saturday mornings and that usually extended way into noon? Or those gossip sessions post dinner after dad retired to his room? It’s just not the same over the phone.

10. When you just want her around. *Sigh*

You miss mumma being there in the house. Because moms are basically your support system for EVERYTHING. You miss seeing her everyday, having her around and creating more adorable memories with her.
10 miss our mom Love you mumma… forever. GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr