10 Times In A Relationship He Wants You To Be Completely Honest

10 Times In A Relationship He Wants You To Be Completely Honest
We’ve often heard the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’, but, in every relationship we often find ourselves telling white lies to ignore or hide our feelings. Here are 10 times it’s better to be honest in a relationship, because that would just make life SO much easier for both of you!

1. When you are mad at him but he hasn’t realized it

There will be more instances than just one when your partner might not understand your anger. And you know what? That’s okay! You can simply tell him why you are angry instead of letting him figure it out and being mad at him. Trust us, he will appreciate your honesty and might just realize his mistake! 1 be honest in a relationship

2. When you are too tired to have sex

Just tell him in plain simple words that you’re not feeling up for it. It doesn’t have to be long paragraphs of explanation or excuses. He will understand what you’re saying, better, and will most probably not mind it.

3. Or when you just want to have sex

Feeling just a tad bit horny? Tell him! Don’t leave it to him to figure out all the subtle hints you drop. After all, sex initiated by women is a huge turn on for men! 3 be honest in a relationship

4. When you feel ignored

Negative feelings are always better when said out loud. Sometimes he might realize his mistake and sometimes this will help you realize that there was no reason to feel that way and he still loves you as much as you love him!

5. When you feel possessive about him

Jealousy strikes the best of us. However, the more you hide it, the more it affects your relationship. Just tell him when you feel possessive about him and if he loves you, he will make sure you don’t feel that way again. 5 be honest in a relationship

6. When you are uncomfortable around his friends

There might come moments when you don’t know how to interact with his friends. It’s a legitimate issue that many of us face but nothing good will come from not talking to your boyfriend about it. In fact, once you do express your concern, he can try a little better to break the ice between you and his friends!

7. When you’d rather meet your girls on a weekend

We love our boyfriends and spending time with them but sometimes we just need our ladies day or night out, right? It’s better to be honest about this need rather than keeping quiet about it. Chances are, he is craving his ‘buddy time’ as much as you are!

7 be honest in a relationship

8. When you know exactly where to eat

Don’t ask him to decide when you already know what you want to eat and where you want to eat it. This is just a pointless struggle for him that will eventually end up in the two of you going where you wanted to, in the first place.

9. When you feel offended by something he did/ said

It’s easy to take offence but that doesn’t really solve the problem. It is better to sort things out before they get out of hand. He might not even realize what he said was wrong or you might just be taking it in the wrong way. Until you discuss it, you’ll never know!

9 be honest in a relationship

10. When you just can’t have an orgasm

If the two of you are sleeping together then know that reaching climax is important for both of you. It is not something only the men have the right to enjoy. If you’ve been having trouble reaching the big ‘O’ then it is definitely time for you to talk to him! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr