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15 Thoughts EVERY Guy Has Before He Asks You To Be His Wife!

15 Thoughts EVERY Guy Has Before He Asks You To Be His Wife!

When it comes to wedding proposals, it’s usually men who take the lead. And trust us, it’s not as easy as it sounds! To plan the entire proposal, go down on one knee and propose marriage to the woman they love… It really can make anyone nervous. Here are 15 thoughts guys have before proposing. Now you know exactly what’s going on in a guy's mind!
1. This is it. Today is the day I’ve been planning for so long. And it’s finally here! 1 thoughts guys have before proposing 2. Will she like the ring? I still think the other one was more her type. God, please make her like it! 3. But, seriously, this proposal affair has turned out to be SO expensive! Totally have to cut back on the beer this month. And everything else. 4. What if she says no?! Will she? She’ll say yes only, right? Okay, the suspense is killing me... 4 thoughts guys have before proposing 5. Shave? Check. Tie? Check. Clean shoes? Check. Perfume? Check. I look bloody damn good! She’ll definitely say yes. 6. I hope the ring in the cake thing is not too cheesy. Or is it? Should I do it some other way? 7. Wait, do I really have to go down on my knees or…can it be done some other way? 7 thoughts guys have before proposing 8. Why is she not here yet?! I’ve been waiting for 5 whole minutes. Is she not coming? What if she cancels our date? 9. God… I love her so, so much and I can’t wait to spend each morning, night and every minute in between together. Okay, okay, going a bit overboard. 10. Planning a proposal is kinda exciting! But thank god, I only have to do this once! 10 thoughts guys have before proposing 11. Alright, life changes from this point onwards. There is no turning back now. I'm ready for marriage, right?! 12. I should practice the proposal bit with someone first. Where's the waiter? But no, that would be a little weird. 13. I hope none of our friends have disclosed anything about the surprise. I actually should’ve never told her best friend about this. She can never keep a secret. 13 thoughts guys have before proposing 14. Two years back I never thought I’ll be doing this. But now it just feels like the right thing to do. 15. I really do love her. Now if only she would get here already so I can rope her into being my wife. GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 2, 2017
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