15 Thoughts Every Girl Has After A HOT Makeout Session! *Wink* | POPxo
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15 Thoughts Every Girl Has After A HOT Makeout Session! *Wink*

15 Thoughts Every Girl Has After A HOT Makeout Session! *Wink*

Isn’t a good makeout session just the best? It’s fun, sexy, highly satisfying (we are not even mentioning the health benefits you get free of cost) and leaves you with a long lasting warm, fuzzy sensation of happiness! So if you’ve just had the most awesome makeout session or if you’re missing it terribly then here are 15 thoughts you will totally relate to!
1. ‘Wait, is it over already?!’ 2. ‘Oh, why must all good things come to an end?’ 2 makeout session 3. ‘This tingling feeling is just THE. BEST. THING. EVER.’ 4. ‘I totally need to text my bestie about this... Like, right NOW!’ 4 makeout session 5. ‘Oh damn, this beard burn is, well… Quite red.’ 6. ‘But I kind of like this look on me.’ 6 makeout session 7. ‘Things did get quite hot and heavy this time, didn’t they?’ 8. ‘I could almost feel his abs under the t-shirt, hoping next time he takes it off!’ 8 makeout session 9. ‘And that thing he did with his tongue, that was just mindblowing!’ 10. ‘I should probably try that new trick I read in the magazine next time, bet he’ll like it!’ 10 makeout session 11. ‘I miss him already, can’t I have a re-do?’
12. ‘I wonder what he thought about it, did he enjoy it?’ 12 makeout session 13. ‘Well, if his pants were any indication, I bet he did!’ 14. ‘Is it too early to text him considering we were together like five minutes ago?’ 14 makeout session 15. ‘Oh, who cares? I am telling him how much I love him! This is the best!’ GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 26, 2017
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