10 Things You Should Never Ever Say To Your Guy!

10 Things You Should Never Ever Say To Your Guy!
Yes, he might be absolutely smitten, head-over-heels in love with you, but some things (for the sake of good old propriety) should be out of bounds. Here are some of the things that your man never wants to hear from you! Even if you're hurt, or want to make him feel jealous… Don't go here, ladies!

1. How your ex is still a *very* good friend of yours

Yes, it is very much possible to remain cordial with a former lover but don't make your current partner feel inadequate by constantly bringing up your past!

2. That you are wary of his mother

Even if you are, don’t tell him just yet. Give his family the benefit of the doubt as it would encourage him to try and get along with your friends and relatives as well.

3. That you think his friends are a bad influence

Chances are, he wouldn’t stop talking to his friends anyway and maybe even start distancing you for making such an assumption. When talking about his friendships, you should be careful not to hurt his feelings. 3 Things Your Man Never Wants To Hear

4. That he is bad in bed

Every person has some or the other shortcoming, we have to be accepting of that. And even if he doesn’t have his bearings in place, show him how to do it right, instead of telling him that he has no mojo under the covers.

5. That he is very lazy

And that will begin the endless tirade of him clarifying how weekends are meant for watching the telly all day and not taking a shower or doing laundry. Followed by his inevitable question, ‘you don’t know how to have fun, do you?!’ Let this one be, ladies. He's allowed to be lazy sometimes.

6. Discussing other handsome men

It's okay to appreciate your favourite actor once in a while. But you can’t keep bringing up gorgeous actors in front of your man without making him feel utterly inadequate. So maybe talk Ryan Gosling with your girlfriends, and let the poor guy be? 6 Things Your Man Never Wants To Hear

7. That you don't want to share stuff with him

You're in a relationship. For all that he is done for you, once the pizza is served you cannot get territorial and refuse to share your food with him. That’s just a little rude!

8. That he is bad boyfriend because he is terrible with dates

Is it so important that he forgot your six-month anniversary? What about him ensuring that you never skip any of your meals and about being the first one to reconcile after a fight? Celebrate the small things which make your relationship so special.

9. That he doesn’t know how to fix anything

A guy doesn’t necessarily have to be a plumber, carpenter and electrician rolled into one. And don’t guilt trip him into learning things he doesn’t want to. You can always hire people for the stuff that need mending or fixing. 9 Things Your Man Never Wants To Hear

10. That he is unsure of his priorities

Don’t be patronising to him. He is an adult like you and even if he is seemingly lost, give him the time and space to find his ground, instead of trying to find it for him. GIFs: Giphy