11 Things Guys *Secretly* Wish Girls Would Do More Often!

11 Things Guys *Secretly* Wish Girls Would Do More Often!
It is an open secret that guys are often not as good with words as we would like them to be. And while that’s never really a deal breaker, we women need to be pros as deciphering a lot of their feelings and emotions. So ladies, let us help you out a little. Here are 11 things your boyfriend wants you to do more often!

1. Snuggle in bed with him and just laze there for the rest of the day.

And not really care about tidying up the room, the bed or even taking a shower! Just stay put and cozy up with him. 1 things your boyfriend wants you to do

2. Drive while he relaxes in the passenger seat!

He doesn’t mind driving that much but he also loves to relax in the passenger seat as you drive him around. People can say what they want about a woman's driving skills but all boyfriends want more of it, trust us!

3. Take matters into your own hands when it comes to sex

Men LOVE it when women take the lead in sex. And it’s not just about initiating it, it is also about having the upper hand throughout the act. Your dominion in bed turns him on like nothing else can! 3 things your boyfriend wants you to do

4. Watch the sports channel with him and actually be interested in the game.

Even if you support rival teams! And even if you don’t understand the nitty gritty of the game, he still loves it when you cheer for his fave team while munching on some popcorn and guzzling some beer.

5. Praise him, especially in front of your people.

Men don’t really admit this, but they love being praised. Especially, when you praise him in front of your friends and family, he will just not be able to help but smile from ear to ear.
5 things your boyfriend wants you to do

6. Dirty talk and sext

He loves it when you get down and dirty with him. He would love more surprise sexts and dirty talking sessions even if you cannot immediately follow it up with sex. A great buildup almost always leads to great sex!

7. Let him know what’s working for you…in the bedroom.

Because he wants to do better than his best for you. Which is why he really likes it when you tell him which of his moves you are loving in bed. 7 things your boyfriend wants you to do

8. Have video game nights with him and may be kick his ass at it too.

If there’s one person he doesn’t really mind losing to, that’s you. He loves it when you have your game face on and you both end up having so much fun!

9. Take him out on a proper date!

He loves doing it for you but he loves it when you do it for him too! At times, he too wants to feel extra special and taken care of. So book a dinner for 2 at his fave restaurant already. 9 things your boyfriend wants you to do

10. Tell him he means the world to you.

He knows that but hearing it from you just makes his heart skip a beat and he would really like it if it happened more often.

11. Tick something off his list of sexual fantasies.

He has quite a list, trust us. How about ticking off one fantasy every once in a while? 11 things your boyfriend wants you to do GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr