17 Things You’ll Relate To If It’s Your Bestie’s Shaadi In 2017!

17 Things You’ll Relate To If It’s Your Bestie’s Shaadi In 2017!
Bestie ki shaadi matlab full on dance, drama and dressing up! It’s the one occasion that most of us are excited about just as we’d be for our own wedding. Besides the excitement, you’ll be just as much in focus as the bride herself. After all, you’ll be with by her side all through the ceremonies and celebration. Trust us girls, bestie ki shaadi is the best thing everrrrr! Here are 17 things you’ll totally get if your bestie is getting married in 2017!

1. The calendar is blocked and nothing’s coming in the way!

She could be getting married in October or December but you’ve already blocked your dates, sent an email to your office manager and told your parents that this year you’ll not be attending any family gatherings and other events if they happen to clash with these dates. 1 bestie is getting married

2. You finally start working out

Nothing ever motivated you enough to join the gym or cut back on all those carbs. But now that your best friend is getting married, you know you have to get in shape. No to Coke, burger, fries and donuts. Yes to salads, broccoli and green tea!

3. Late night con calls are all about the wedding!

That’s pretty much the only thing you and her and all your other friends talk about. While her parents are busy planning the bigger stuff, you guys are off to your own dream world deciding what to wear, how to execute the joota chupai, new ways to welcome the guests and, uh, basically there’s a lot! 3 bestie is getting married

4. Your shopping has begun much before the bride’s!

Yes, that does happen sometimes! You’re so excited that you’ve already started shopping irrespective of how far away the wedding is. In fact, every time you visit the mall, you only think about this one occasion.

5. The all-important bachelorette!

A road trip, a pub crawl, a pyjama party… What is it going to be?! This is one event of the shaadi festivities that you are planning and as of now, your mind’s buzzing with a million ideas. And on most nights, the excitement is just too much to let you sleep! 5 bestie is getting married

6. Mera number kab aayega?

Don’t lie...you have had this thought at least once. Now that your best friend is getting married, you find yourself wondering about your own wedding. You may want that day to come soon or you want to wait another year or two. Either way, this thought has crossed your mind. In fact, so many people have been asking you the same!

7. You’ve been discussing sex more than ever

Because obviously! You’re just too eager and excited for your bestie to have her suhaagraat and you girls just can’t stop talking about it. You’ve been planning to gift her a pair of handcuffs too. *Wink* 7 bestie is getting married

8. You’ve been day dreaming about the sangeet. YES YOU HAVE!

Every time a shaadi type song plays on the radio, you imagine yourself dressed in a lehenga and doing the sexiest dance moves on the stage. Don’t worry, it’s okay. We’ve all been there!

9. And those eligible bachelors you’ll get to meet!

The groom's got to have at least some hot single friends. And you always imagine a filmy scenario wherein you both end up together by the end of the wedding. Trust us, it happens in real life too… So just hope for the best!

9 bestie is getting married

10. You tag her in almost EVERY wedding-related article you come across

Because, awesome pictures, amazing inspirations and the coolest ideas. Now every bride-to-be needs a bestie like you!

11. Your emotions are at an all-time high

We mean, obviously. There is so much happening. 2017 seems to have started on such an amazing note, but along with the good news, there also comes a lot of emotions. Will our relationship still be the same? OMG, I am so happy for her. Hope everything goes fine. God, her husband is such a fine guy. I’ll miss her so much… You’ll have your own set of emotions to deal with.  

11 bestie is getting married

12. You’ve started saving

Your dad’s been asking you to do it since forever, but it’s only now that you’ve taken his advice seriously. You’ll need new clothes, jewellery, makeup, footwear... Kahaan se aayega itna paisa?!

13. Trying to make her go from bridezilla to bridechilla

Yeah, she’s been having those crazy moments and you’re the only one she can vent it out to. And no matter how hard or annoying it gets, you find yourself playing the mature grown up every few days. Keep your cool and help her calm down too. That’s what best friends are for. 13 bestie is getting married

14. Your mom’s wondering what’s up with you

Yes, she’s happy and she understands you’re excited too. But sometimes she fails to understand what’s getting you so worked up. Admit it, you’ve been going on and on about the wedding, about your clothes, about your jewellery and your mom just wants you to, you know, take it easy!

15. You too get to have extended nights out

Because now that her husband-to-be too parties with you all, your parents feel a bit more relaxed. Plus, ‘Oh it’s her last few nights out as an unmarried girl’ excuse always works!

15 bestie is getting married

16. Social media explosion!

You’ve made a wedding-specific WhatsApp group, the pinterest boards are being regularly updated, the shaadi hashtag is under process and you can’t wait to put out live updates as soon as it all begins.

17. You’re happy and you know it

You know that this year is going to be great! Your best friend is getting hitched. A fun wedding is going to take place. Not to forget all the pre and post wedding functions. Basically, it’ll be a year full of love, life and happiness. 17 bestie is getting married GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy