Married To A Gujju? 13 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!

Married To A Gujju? 13 Things You’ll TOTALLY Get!
Married to a Gujarati ‘chhokro’? All that comes to mind when we talk about this is Saif Ali Khan in Kal Ho Naa Ho and his gujju family that was just too entertaining. Well, we have a few things that happen to every girl when she gets married to a Gujju... They’re all too relatable!

1. You're never hungry

Theplas and dhoklas would be available in the house 24x7, 365 days a year. 1 married to a gujju

2. Relatives all over the world

Your new family has relatives all over the world. You could be traveling to Thailand or Switzerland, there will always be a relative there who you will have to go and meet. And of course, they too will make you eat theplas!

3. Dholi taro dhol baaje

The women in your husband’s family can break into garba any moment and can do their garba steps on any song! Be it ‘Chittiyan Kaliyaan’ or ‘Baby Doll’, they have an art to convert it into a Gujarati number. 3 married to a gujju

4. America waali aunty

There is always an NRI aunty who is the favourite in the Gujju household. She will meet you and will make it a point to tell you that she’s seen your husband when he wore diapers!

5. The bargaining powers

Nobody can beat a Gujju when it comes to bargaining and negotiating. Everyone in your husband’s family is a pro when it comes to this skill set and they don’t give up until they get the best price for a product. You will be marvelled at first, and soon you’ll know the tricks too. 5 married to a gujju

6. It takes time for you to understand relations

Every female relative in the house is either ‘ben’ or ‘maasi’, and male relative is ‘bhai’ or ‘kaka’. Others in the house are addressed as ‘babu’ and ‘baby’, and this makes you wonder whether the person is 5 years old or 45 years old.

7. You feel like an alien during their family gatherings

When the entire family gets together, they cannot stop conversing in their local language. All you can do is sit between them and try to understand a few words and complete their sentences in your head.
7 married to a gujju

8. A gazillion Facebook friend requests

You are added by at least 100 new family members on Facebook as soon as you get married. And when you ask your husband who they are, all you get to hear is,’arre, cousins yaar!’

9. Falguni Pathak is the idol

She is the dandiya queen and is the one who brings everyone on the dance floor! 9 married to a gujju

10. Dieting? What’s that?

It is impossible for you to lose weight in a Gujju household. The rotis are dripping with ghee, breakfast spread outs are lavish, and the sweet content in the food can send your dessert cravings for a toss!

11. Printed Shirts

Multi-coloured clothes are a favourite in your husband’s family! And even men in the family are not afraid of experimenting with colours and prints! 11 married to a gujju

12. Business sense

The basic mindset and discussion you hear at home is ‘Paach ka pachhees karvana’, and this means the profit should be 5 times the amount invested. You’ll probably be spending that money on your next vacation to America.

13. Gujju love

No matter what, they have a big heart and have welcomed you in their family like you are one of them! #GoGujju (24) GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr