10 Things About Selfies You Didn’t Know… But *Really* Should!

10 Things About Selfies You Didn’t Know… But *Really* Should!
Selfies are so synonymous with our social media presence that we can’t do with them (because how many different ways could you possibly click your own face?) and we certainly can’t do without them. Because nothing else validates our sense of self than a photograph where our makeup is so on point. Millennials have been dubbed as the selfie generation owing to how much we tend to use our front camera! Here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about selfies (but should!)

1. We like clicking ourselves with others

According to a recent research conducted by OPPO, out of the 10 selfies that a consumer takes, 4 pictures include only that person and remaining 6 pictures are group selfies that include 2 or more people! things you didnt know about selfies 1

2. The selfie stick is here to stay

68 percent of people prefer to use accessories to help take a better selfie. Selfie stick is still the most popular option which tends to be used by a whopping 89 percent.  

3. #Nofilter is not really a thing

People spend on average 15-30 minutes in editing their pictures before posting them on a social platform. The younger the consumer is, the more time he/she spends editing.

4. Front camera is now becoming the primary camera

It is clearly being used more than the back camera, as 6 out of 10 pictures are now being shot from the front camera. things you didnt know about selfies 4

5. Group Selfies to the rescue!

Group selfies are an easy way to click photographs during special occasions - weddings, vacations, music concerts etc, but sometimes it is difficult to accommodate more than 6-7 people. Many people claim that this is the biggest problem they are facing when take a group selfie - fit all people in one frame! Let’s wait for OPPO’s new device to solve this challenge!

6. Forever ready for a selfie!

Most people agree that more often than not, there is not really a lot of reasons for taking a selfie. 78 percent of people are ready to take a selfie just about anywhere!

7. Ek se mera kya hoga?

Most people are not satisfied with just one selfie - as the primary purpose is to share it on social media or messaging platforms like WhatsApp. An overwhelming 96 percent people feel the need to take several selfies (three on an average) to get the perfect click! things you didnt know about selfies 7

8. Men love taking selfies!

Yes, girls you read that right! 40 percent of men take selfies as compared to a 48 percent of women. Men clearly love their front cameras just as much! *Wink*

9. The younger you are, the more selfies you click

This is kind of a no-brainer but 58 percent of selfies are taken by 16-20 year-olds while only 23 percent are taken by 36-40 years-olds.

10. Family time is the best time!

While many people like clicking themselves or posing in front of a landmark, 89 percent of smartphone users love clicking selfies with their family and friends. things you didnt know about selfies 10 *This post is in partnership with OPPO. Based on an Online Research conducted by OPPO in cooperation with Nielsen in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin and Kolkata in February 2017 among 1001 consumers who purchased a smartphone after Year 2014 and took selfie at least once a week.