10 Things People Say To Women… But *Really* Shouldn’t! | POPxo
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10 Things People Say To Women… But *Really* Shouldn’t!

10 Things People Say To Women… But *Really* Shouldn’t!

We live in the age of social media, where it is possible to hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen, literally combust with malintentions and spew hatred without being held accountable for the uncalled spite! But there is also such a thing as good manners and one needs to draw a line somewhere when it comes to approaching or talking to a woman. Here are 10 things you should never say to a woman!

1. ‘Have you gained some weight?’

Thanks to the stereotypical representation of women (as fair, tall and petite) in the popular media, most girls grow up being visibly conscious of their bodies. Hence, unless you're seriously concerned about her health, you could just not be a prick and avoid this question! 1 things to never say to a woman

2. ‘When are you getting married?’

A woman’s relationship status is off-limits people! So please feel the need to not be entitled about her personal affairs and just let her be.

3. ‘C’mon! Don’t be a pussy!’

It is not that flattering to have your genitalia be reduced to an insult - which inherently dismisses anyone feminine as timid and weak. And especially when it comes to a vagina, an organ capable of letting a whole new human see the light of the day, it is anything but weak- kneed.  

4. ‘Dress appropriately.’

Our fashion sense is an extension of our personalities, our sensibilities as individuals - we girls might also dress differently depending on how we are feeling that morning. So when you are telling us to dress appropriately (whatever that means) you are being patronising and downright rude to an adult human being, one who is fully capable of making her own decisions! 4 things to never say to a woman

5. ‘What’s your number?’

Unless you both are unequivocally comfortable with sharing the number of people you have slept with, don’t ask a lady how many sexual partners she has had. And don’t misconstrue her as frigid if she politely points out that her past is her past for a reason.

6. ‘You remind me of my ex.’

To be fair, this is something you should never say to a man either. But please, don’t tell a woman that she reminds you of your former partner - you are unable to see this person without the shadow of someone else and you should try and change it instead of pointing it out.

7. ‘I don’t like your friends.’

Don’t be surprised if she stops talking to you or doesn’t take too well to this blatant criticism. Her loyalty to her friends comes first. And for the love of god, there is a better way to articulate your qualms. Don’t make her choose. 7 things to never say to a woman

8. ‘Is it that time of the month?’

Don't try to attribute a woman’s bad mood to her periods. It only implies that you are not too keen on digging beneath the surface and find out what is actually affecting her.

9. ‘You were asking for it.’

If a woman was touched or spoken to inappropriately at a public place, you should never tell her that it was her fault… Not because she was out late in the night, or that she was wearing a short dress or she was leading someone on to treat her that way. Why? Because she didn’t consent to be stripped of her dignity and private space.

10. ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’

Seriously? Guys, you at least owe her a better excuse than saying something so ambiguous which will keep her forever doubting herself! 10 things to never say to a woman GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 26, 2017
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