11 Things No One EVER Tells You About Being Married!

11 Things No One EVER Tells You About Being Married!
In the mood for opening *that* Pandora’s box, are we now? Well, anyone who’s ever been married will vouch for the fact that there are a lot of things they never saw coming. And that’s because there are way too many things nobody tells you about marriage. Let’s take a look at some of these...

1. The fact that it takes (some) adjustment from both ends...

People think it’s only the girl who has to adjust to this new life, but that’s far from the truth. Guys also have to be mentally and emotionally ready to be married and share their lives with someone!

2. That even if you were dating him before, being his wife is a whole different thing altogether!

Couples that tie the knot after being in a long term relationship are in for a real surprise when they discover whole new facets of their partners after getting married. It is kind of inevitable though, since you are spending so many more hours with this person and facing brand new situations with them.
2 things nobody tells you about marriage

3. You will spend more time discussing things like bowel movements than you would have ever imagined.

True story, this one! Oversharing is a huge part of being married, you guys!

4. That a lot of “relationship rules” don’t really apply to marriage.

Like ‘never go to bed angry’ for instance. You will fight with your spouse and will be in a cold war with him and will drift off to sleep because you know that he’ll be there the next morning, irrespective. It’s a beautiful side effect, if you really think about it. 4 things nobody tells you about marriage

5. That you will fight most about mundane things like ‘time taken to get ready’ or AC temperatures.

And this stuff really has the potential to irk you both!

6. That sex can be wild.

Just because you marry someone and have committed to spend your life with them doesn’t mean there’s no spark anymore. Au contraire, sex after marriage can be exciting and experimental – because there’s no fear of judgement and even if something doesn’t work, it’s not a deal breaker! 6 things nobody tells you about marriage

7. That you don’t have to hate each other’s families.

Sorry to burst that dramatic bubble yo, in laws can be cool people too.

8. That it’s not all parties and pujas and packed social calendars.

Sure, getting married widens your social circle and even increases the events you may need to attend, but there’s no rule that says this is your life now. If you’d rather hang out more with friends or be busy with your job, you can politely exclude yourself from a lot of these occasions. 8 things nobody tells you about marriage

9. That you should take time off from each other!

Time to bust that myth alright! Getting married to someone doesn’t mean you become their conjoined twin. No, seriously; a little distance is good! Make plans without your spouse at times; it’s the healthy way to go about life.

10. That it’s really okay to miss your old life.

It is so natural to get nostalgic about your old life and miss your single days. It doesn’t make you a bad wife and it doesn’t imply you are unhappy in your marriage. It just means you’re human and that you’re missing the life you used to live. Please do not feel guilty about this; it’s something everyone goes through! 10 things nobody tells you about marriage

11. That it evolves!

Your marriage is honestly what you make it. It solely depends on you and your husband and what you both want from your lives ahead. Marriage is not an absolute thing; it really keeps changing and evolving. The dynamics change as time passes and as the situations in your lives change. This evolution is natural and healthy and you should embrace it!
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