10 Things No Bride-To-Be Should Apply On Her Skin… EVER!

10 Things No Bride-To-Be Should Apply On Her Skin… EVER!
Girls, we want you to look absolutely fab on your wedding day. Like every other bride, you would want flawless skin and for that you need to take some extra skin care measures. Apart from eating healthy, you also need to stay away from a few things. Here are some things no bride should apply on her skin a few days before the wedding. Make sure that you stay away from the things that might come in the way of you and that gorgeous, bridal glow.

1. Harsh exfoliating packs

1 things no bride should apply on her skin Exfoliation is good for the skin, if done once or maybe twice a week. It helps in getting rid of dead cells and in making your face look radiant. But avoid using harsh exfoliating packs or don’t make one with sugar in it. Sugar’s angular edges are a bit too harsh for your face and can cause irritation. Look for scrubs with a powder base or use packs with gram flour in it so that it doesn’t cause irritation to your skin.

2. Bleach without supervision

You must have come across so many DIY bleach kits in the market but please don’t use them on your own. You don’t really know what combination of the chemical and cream will suit your skin and if the ratio isn’t absolutely right, it can cause irritation to your skin. Now, you wouldn’t want that happening a few days before your wedding, would you?

3. Using a new soap

3 things no bride should apply on her skin Stick to the soap you’ve been using for the longest time. Don’t give in to all the fancy commercials and buy a new soap just because it claims to give you a soft and supple skin. Just use the soap your skin is already used to, as you know that the product will do its job well and there will be no damage to your skin.

4. Chemical peels

You might want to use chemical-based masks to get rid of any blemishes and dark spots on your face. But, don’t use these kind of masks a few weeks before your wedding as they may cause unwanted rashes and redness. You can either use homemade face masks that suit your skin type or go for soft and organic face masks that surely won’t harm your skin.

5. Toothpaste for acne

5 things no bride should apply on her skin You need to stop using toothpaste to get rid of acne and blemishes on your face. Toothpastes are filled with skin irritating elements like peppermint, alcohol, fragrance and peroxide. These ingredients will cause irritation to your skin and damage it. Instead, opt for natural products like tea tree oil.

6. Alcohol based toners

We are all for the CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize) beauty regimen but you have to choose your toner wisely, brides-to-be. One with alcohol content can make your face dry and strip your skin off of natural oils - so steer clear of these even if they seem more effective initially. The decrease in moisture leads to an increase in bacteria, hence increasing the chances of acne on your face. You can use a non-alcoholic toner and the results will be better suited to you, ladies.

7. Stay away from lemon

7 things no bride should apply on her skin Lemon is highly acidic in nature and when applied directly to the skin, it can cause irritation. Also, it can lead to rashes and burns if you step out in the sun immediately after applying it. It’s best to stay away from lemon a few weeks before your wedding day.

8. Applying body lotions on your face

The skin on your face is different than the skin on the rest of your body. Your face is usually more sensitive and oily too, so it needs to be taken care of in different ways. Most body lotions are super fragrant and have less moisturizing elements and fragrance can irritate your skin. Pamper your skin the right way during the run-up to the big day, we say.

9. Night creams

9 things no bride should apply on her skin Ladies, our skin is smart, it needs nothing more than cleansing and a good amount of hydration before going to bed. You should focus more on hydrating your skin by using face serums rather than moisturizers or night creams. It’s best to use serums at night as your skin absorbs moisture at that time and it’s way better than night creams you don’t really need. Greasy night creams might even do you more harm than good, in fact.

10. Products you haven’t tried before

Never use any kind of skin product you have never tried in your life. You don’t know how your skin would react to a particular product. There will be lots of beauty advice thrown at you about creams that are just fab or a particular face pack that works wonders - but ladies, there’s a high possibility of your skin breaking out just a few days before your wedding if these products don’t end up suiting you, and we bet you won’t want that to happen. Stick to tried and tested beauty methods and products, soon-to-be brides. Internal Images: Shutterstock