10 Things Guys Just Don’t Want In A Relationship… Ever!

10 Things Guys Just Don’t Want In A Relationship… Ever!
How a person behaves in a relationship is subjective to the kind of person he is and the kind of chemistry the two of you have. But, there are certain things guys do not want in a relationship, generally. Here are 10 of those things. So, listen up, girls!

1. Receiving ultimatums

If it is a legitimate ultimatum then he’ll hear you out. However, if giving ultimatums is your way of fighting in a relationship and most of them are just empty threats then it won’t take him long to figure that out and eventually, grow tired of it. It’s okay to have an argument or a fight, they are a part of every relationship, but do it the healthy way. Ultimatums are not a good idea.

2. Over thinking a situation

He’ll be around to secure you when you think your mind is going out of control with crazy thoughts, but not all the time. Sometimes, you have to manage your negative thoughts on your own so he doesn’t overdose on them because that definitely won’t be healthy for your relationship. 2 things guys do not want

3. Too much social media show off

He likes that you love him and even thinks that picture of the two of you is great. But, too many social media posts, comments and tagging can be a little bit annoying. He likes social media attention but never when it is needless and excessive.

4. Tonnes of questions

The ‘Where? Who? What? Why? How?’ questions are all good as long as they are within a reasonable limit. He is an individual and doesn’t need to tell you every tiny little detail about his life. Neither do you, for that matter. Don’t go overboard with the questions because they can really be a deal breaker for many men. 4 things guys do not want

5. Unnecessary jealousy

So, you feel a little threatened by his female best friend of years? That could be a legitimate feeling because they, obviously, share a special bond. However, asking him to cut back on what he shares with her or worse, control how he talks is not the right way to go about it. Handle jealousy the classy way, meet his friend and try to understand why they share this bond and if you can, become a part of this bond instead of trying to disrupt it.

6. Hours and hours of talking over the phone

He did it in the initial phase of the relationship so you just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to do it anymore, right? Well, now that you two are over with the ‘impressing each other’ phase, it’s time to take a practical look at things. The phone bills have been exorbitant and his job has been really keeping him busy. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to talk to you. He would like to have a regular 5-10 minutes chat but to talk on the phone for hours is just not something he wants to do on a regular basis. 6 things guys do not want

7. Passive aggressive answers

Ladies, let’s just be clear. No man ever picks up on subtle hints. So if you are angry, say it. If you’re upset, say it. Be loud and clear because you don’t need to be passive aggressive about your emotions and in fact, he’d like it better if you openly talk to him about the problem that needs to be addressed instead of waiting for him to realise that there is a problem.

8. Fights that keep resurfacing

For men, once an argument is over, it really is over. They don’t think about it after that. So the fact that you bring it up in the next fight is just exhausting for them. Not only do they not remember the intricate details, they are surprised you still do because, hey, wasn’t it over already?
8 things guys do not want

9. Talking about everything… All the time!

It’s nice to have a good conversation but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy some silence and peace together. Sometimes he is just lying in bed thinking nothing so avoid poking and asking him why he won’t talk to you.

10. Continuously putting him in a tight spot

That time you asked him to choose between his football match with buddies or date night with you? Yeah, he doesn’t really appreciate that. Of course, chances are he chose you but being put in a tight spot, forced to make difficult choices can be quite a task and nobody enjoys that! 10 things guys do not want GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr