10 Things Boys ONLY Do In Movies (Never In Real Life!)

10 Things Boys ONLY Do In Movies (Never In Real Life!)
Bollywood is to be blamed for making us set so many unrealistic expectations in life. From women dancing and jumping in pencil heels to men planning grand proposals for their girlfriends, it’s all just on reel and never for real. Here are 10 things guys do in movies but never in real life!

1. Run past (and dodge) the airport security to confess their love to the woman of their dreams

Nope! No guy’s up for a steeplechase through the airport because in real life, airport security is not nearly as lax. And no one wants to go to prison, right? 1 things guys do in movies

2. Vroom past the ladies in their top-notch glossy car!

Because, let’s face it... There ain’t no place to vroom anywhere on these roads.

3. Roam around on the beach in a flimsy white shirt with the wind revealing their perfect abs.

Not everyone has 6 pack and 8 pack abs. Bollywood movies need to get a bit real, no? 3 things guys do in movies

4. Go on elaborate road trips with their guy friends.

Mostly they are found lazing around in their apartments, chugging beer and munching on random snacks. #TrueStory

5. Have unlimited patience when it comes to shopping!

They. Just. Do. NOT. 5 things guys do in movies

6. Woo their girlfriend's parents with cheesy gestures.

Like Arjun Kapoor did in 2 states. That just does not happen. No, seriously… Isn’t it asking for too much?

7. Drive around on their bikes in perfectly fitted leather jackets and sexy shades.

For most guys, it’s more important to bathe and dress their bike than bathe and dress themselves. 7 things guys do in movies1

8. Dance on the street to impress a girl they like

Many of them have 2 left feet and even if they don’t, dancing on the street is not a challenge they are up for. Firstly, it requires wayyy too many backup dancers and secondly, dancing on the roads in India? Are you kidding? People can barely drive here!

9. Fight half a dozen bad guys single-handedly.

Okay, Bollywood. Just stop. Unless the guy is Jackie Chan, this ain’t happening.
7 things guys do in movies

10. Be intelligent, smart, kind, hot, good at sports, romantic, strong... ALL at the same time!

A.K.A be Batman. Ain’t no one Batman in real life (And that’s okay, really!) GIFs : Giphy