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15 Thoughts A Girl Has The First Time *He* Sends A Nude Pic!

15 Thoughts A Girl Has The First Time *He* Sends A Nude Pic!

Receiving a racy picture from a guy for the first time is a step forward in the relationship. Not just because it is a great way of building sexual intimacy, but also because it guarantees the trust he has on you. Every girl has a series of thoughts when she receives a nude and they’re tripled when it’s for the first time! Here are 15 thoughts that cross every girl’s mind after seeing a nude for the first time. *Blush* 1. OMG! Is that a nude selfie? Wow! What an amazing end to a crappy day. seeing a nude 1 2. Wow, he’s looking really really good! 3. Is that a pout? HAHA he’s such an idiot sometimes! 4. Hold on, has he been going to the gym? His arms have such a hot definition. Hmmm.. I should go to the gym more often! seeing a nude 4 5. Wait, did he shave his chest, right before sending me this picture? 6. I am SO turned on right now! 7. If he was here with me, I would totally show him a good time! *Wink* seeing a nude 7 8. Okay. Um...What am I supposed to do now? 9. Wait! Is he expecting a nude selfie in return? 10. Okay, this is actually fun! I’m going to send one to him as well! seeing a nude 10 11. I need to find the perfect lighting! 12. Do I have time to put on some makeup? Maybe just a little bit of foundation… Okay, no, I need to brush my hair. 13. WHERE is my favourite lacy, red bra when I need it the most! seeing a nude 13 14. If he was here, he would totally pounce on me. 15. I am SO glad he trusted me with that picture! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr

Published on Mar 11, 2017
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