21 Things EVERY Girl Should Think About When She Turns 21!

21 Things EVERY Girl Should Think About When She Turns 21!
Dear girls, turning 21 marks your first real steps into adulthood! So, once you hit this age, we suggest that you must start thinking about certain things, as doing so would make your journey into adulthood less bumpy and much more fun. Here are a few things girls should think about after turning 21!

1. Incorporating a workout as a part of your daily routine

As you grow older, you learn that health is oh-so-important. So, incorporate some kind of workout in your schedule, whether it’s kickboxing, zumba or even an early morning jog.

2. Having an opinion and sticking to your guns

The society will have a gazillion things to tell you as you hit your twenties! Teach yourself to have an opinion not be too bothered by ‘log kya kahenge’.
2 things girls should think about after turning 21

3. Making a conscious effort to become more independent

Learn to cook for yourself, take care of your finances and travel alone. Why? Because being a big girl is also a lot about being independent.

4. What career path interests you

Experiment working in the fields you feel passionate about. At the same time, think about what interests you, what doesn't and which career path would you eventually like to follow in life.

5. Spending time with your parents

Just as you are growing older by the year, so are your parents. So, spend time with them and remind them that you’ll always love them, no matter where you go and how much you grow up.

6. Streamlining your friend circle

Keep people who are genuinely concerned about you and dearly love you, close to you. Have the courage to let go of toxic friends and people who don’t add value to your life. 6 things girls should think about after turning 21

7. Planning trips, lots of them

This is the age to be adventurous. So, plan trips with friends or family! Even consider going for solo trips that allow you to explore new places, new people and discover yourself in the process.

8. Becoming responsible for yourself and for those around you

Turning 21 comes with certain responsibilities towards family and more so, yourself. Learn to take responsibility of your decisions and choices and take an active part in family decisions as well.

9. Investing time in your mental health and well-being

In addition to your physical health, investing in your mental health makes sense before you allow the stress of adulthood to get to you. Find your own stress free zones… Things that help you unwind, relax and calm down when you are too hassled or worried.

10. Managing your money

Learn to create a budget, and make saving some money an important part of it. While it is important to have a good time learn to strike a balance between spending and saving. Hello, adulthood! 10 things girls should think about after turning 21

11. Buying formal wear

As you turn 21, you take your first baby steps into shaping your career. So begin with stocking up some formal wear, missy!

12. Creating an impressive resume

Job and university applications would require you to have a fancy resume. So, don’t waste time and get started on it already. Moreover, don’t forget to update it periodically.

13. Setting goals for the future

These can be with regard to your career, further education or even personal growth and development. Set some goals and try to achieve them.

14. Spending quality time with yourself

As you grow older, you learn that the best person to count on, is you. So, take out the time to be comfortable in your own company and actually love yourself for the lovely lady that you are!
14 things girls should think about after turning 21

15. Investing in the future

Learn about the various ways in which you can invest money in a way that it comes handy when you need it in future. Pick the brains of your elders or turn to Google. This is the right time to start planning for the future.

16. Learning to listen and observe

Learn to listen, observe and absorb as much as possible. These virtues go a long way in shaping your personality. Sometimes, mere observation can teach you some very valuable life lessons.

17. Thinking about the qualities you would want in a life partner

It makes sense to think about the qualities that you would definitely like or dislike in a partner, even if you currently have no romantic interests.

18. Learning new skills

Apart from the conventional education that you choose to pursue, this is the right time to think about the skills you want to acquire. Learning to play a musical instrument, horse riding, video editing… Basically anything that excites you. 18 things girls should think about after turning 21

19. Making a conscious decision to eliminate negativity from your life

Whether it’s negative people, work environment or just pessimistic thinking, make an effort to shun all forms of negativity from your life.

20. Feeling free to make mistakes and even more comfortable forgiving yourself for them

Make mistakes and learn from them. They carry lessons that will last you a lifetime and will make you a stronger, more mature woman.

21. Learn to love yourself unapologetically  

Because sometimes you may feel flawed and imperfect but you need to remember that even with all your imperfections you deserve to be loved! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr