10 Things You Didn’t Know You *Need* To Break Up With!

10 Things You Didn’t Know You *Need* To Break Up With!
You are talking to your girlfriends late into the night lamenting about how no one ever tells you how bad it is going to be in the real world. Heartaches, academic pressure, professional setbacks, the list goes on. A wise soul points out how that’s the only thing people pretty much tell us. It all goes downhill once you are an adult. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Girls, you can take charge of your lives and break up and move on from things that don’t make you happy. Here’s how!

1. Social media detox

You need to give yourself a break from living your life vicariously. Enjoy the sunset at a beach before putting it on Instagram, have that lobster before getting caught up in how many likes and comments it is getting online, groove to the music at a concert before shooting the whole thing on your phone. Do away with the tablet on your bedside table, get off the internet and live in the moment! 1 Things every girl should break up with

2. Shoutout to your ex!

That toxic old lover who never really disappears from your life. He is somewhere in the fringes, observant, liking your Instagram posts, dropping you cursory texts and vanishing again. Tell him once and for all that you are done with him and block him from your phone. And the pair of speakers he got you on your birthday? Break up with them too!

3. Sheer laziness

Keep your days busy and make some time for fitness activities which will build your metabolism and stamina. Be it a weekend 5k run, a 20-minute walk back to your place, or yoga at home - break up with the lethargy and keep yourself active and healthy. While you are at it, maybe get rid of that gaming console which keeps you plonked on your couch all day long.   3 Things every girl should break up with

4.  Self-deprecation

We have all been caught up in moments of self-doubt but you need to give yourself credit for how far you have come and evolved as an individual. Stop telling yourself you are not good enough because you are talented, funny and effortlessly brilliant! It’s time say goodbye to the habit of self-deprecating yourself… along with that beanbag where you maybe don’t do your most productive thinking.  

5. Quit the small talk

You don’t have to go out of your way to be polite to an acquaintance who has never really bothered getting to know you. Get past the chitter chatter and let people know that your time has value and you are here for business. It’s time to break up with small talk and that spare smartphone which you don’t use anymore! 5 Things every girl should break up with

6. Playing hard to get

Girls, mind games are silly - if you like someone let it be known to them. Make your intentions clear from the beginning and even if they don’t reciprocate your feelings, it gives you the confidence to keep trying. And, if self-doubt is the reason you’ve been keeping a distance from your crush, it’s time to break up with that feeling, STAT! Relieve yourself of those Sex And The City DVDs, get out there and channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw in real life.

7. Useless comparisons

You are the best version of yourself so quit equating yourself with others - there will always be some things others do better than you and vice versa. You need to let go, find your ground and be your own champion. Do away with your old air conditioner and get a new one - revel in your own glory and just chill! 7 Things every girl should break up with

8. Dumbing yourself down

This is a habit every girl needs to break up with, now! You might be doing so to fit in with a crowd or to appear endearing to a guy you really like. But if you cannot be yourself with these people, are they really worth being around then? While you are at it, sell off your old books, so that you can buy new ones and get even smarter.

9. Trying to change people

You can’t rearrange or organise people in your life like you can with your living room’s furniture. Every person is different and to expect someone to drop everything and start behaving like you’d want them to, is a tad bit inconsiderate. It’s time to break up with that part of your personality! And that lounge chair which just doesn’t go with the decor of your living room! 9 Things every girl should break up with

10. Basically, break up with your old stuff!

The DSLR that you don’t use, the fridge which is too big for your studio apartment, the television that remains unwatched because your laptop has substituted it. Take the OLX #6MonthsBreakUpChallenge and break up with the things that you can definitely do without! *This post is in association with OLX. Gauhar Khan reveals the thing she broke up with… To know more, watch this:
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