10 Cute Little Things All Happy Couples Do Right *Before* Sex!

10 Cute Little Things All Happy Couples Do Right *Before* Sex!

Being in love is great. You have someone to always go back home to and share your good and bad moments with. You also have someone you can have great sex with. Sex is an important part of a relationship and every couple loves the before and after of it too. Since we have talked about the aftermath, here is a list of cutesy (or sometimes a bit weird) things couples do right before sex. Which one is your favourite?

1. Hold hands

Holding hands is a kind of intimacy that almost every couple likes. It is actually that one form of showing love that's completely acceptable almost everywhere! And sometimes it's this simple touch that sends sparks through your body!

Things couples do before sex 1

2. Tease, a little

Every couple loves to tease their S/O right before sex. It’s cute, it’s sweet and it makes couples more compatible. Couples need to laugh a little together. Like Mr. Big from Sex And The City said, “After a while you just want to be with someone who makes you laugh.”

3. Cuddle it up!

Cuddling is the what starts the fire. You both cozy up to each other and patiently wait for things to become intense. Afterall, what’s better than slowly and steadily starting something that will give you the best feeling of your life?! *Wink* Things couples do before sex 3

4. Nibble each other’s ears

This is actually one of the simplest tricks to drive anyone crazy! Nibbling each other’s ears is an underrated bedroom move. Biting the ears or just breathing heavily around them - it all leads to the same thing!

5. Kiss all over

Even if you’re on the bed and naked, you don't want to miss the chance of having amazing foreplay. Couples lay in bed and kiss for hours at end. Ranging from a good session of making out to just simply kissing the person all over their body, it definitely makes your heart beat faster! Things couples do before sex 5

6. Look into each other’s eyes

Happy couples look at each other with a gleam in their eyes to express their love for each other. Who can deny that great sex comes from deep feelings?

7. Talk about your future together

No matter what a couple is going through, they always end up talking about what the future holds for them. While having this little chit chat, they snuggle up to each other and emotions run high, of course. One thing leads to another…

Things couples do before sex 7

8. Take time to strip

Sure, quickies are fun but you do feel like taking it slow at times. Taking time to do things actually increases the anticipation...which in turn results in mindblowing sex! Couples like to take time to undress themselves (and each other!) which actually is a lot of fun.

9. Play with the mood lifters

Things like pretty ambience and soulful music are actually mood lifters that spice up things in the room. Good music is an instant mood lifter and yellow dim lights are just cherry on top!

Things couples do before sex 9

10. Give each other a massage

Happy couple know one thing for certain - that being relaxed can lead to great sex! And that's why they help each other with this, sometimes with a shoulder or back massage. Once the hands start to wander…the fun begins!   GIFs: Giphy