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The First Time I Made Out With Him… In A Movie Hall!

The First Time I Made Out With Him… In A Movie Hall!

I’d been on movie dates before but this was our first ever movie date together, and things are always different with a different guy, right? He liked to talk a lot, very unlike my ex who was a little shy and with whom I had to always be the one to initiate things... So I was a bit surprised when, the minute we sat down on our seats, he grabbed a hold of my hand.
I smiled and made a comment about how straightforward this was. ‘Do you like it?’ he asked ‘Yes, I do!’ I replied, looking at him with a mischievous grin on my face as the lights dimmed out and the movie began. We were sitting on the corner-most seats, of course, and there weren’t many people around us. And the movie was just excruciatingly boring! It was after I stifled my third yawn of the evening when he asked me, ‘Are you bored yet?’ I laughed, ‘This really is not what I was expecting our first movie date to look like.’ ‘Yeah?’ he asked, turning to plant a little kiss on my right cheek. ‘Is this what you expected it to be like?’ I blushed and smiled at the same time without really saying anything. I had never made out in a movie hall so I wasn’t sure if that was where we were heading. Internal made out in a movie hall We continued to look at the screen for another fifteen minutes or so before he turned to look at me. I looked back, my heart thumping in my chest. ‘What is it?’ I asked. ‘I just can’t resist the urge,’ he replied, planting a kiss on my lips this time. Without a moment of hesitation, I kissed him back. A part of me was thinking about what other people would think of us if they saw us and then there was another part of me, the more dominant one, that really didn’t care about the who, what, where and was loving the warm fuzzy feeling in my chest.
After around a minute or so, we broke apart from each other and looked back at the screen but by now, I was too caught up in the moment to not try and make it last longer. So this time, I turned to him. He smiled as he turned towards me and our lips met again. It was a weird kind of a thrill, and we eventually left the movie midway because it was just too boring and we could not do with just making out anymore. *Wink* For the time period that we dated each other, making out during movies, both inside and outside the house kind of became our thing and it was thrilling every time! Images: Shutterstock 
Published on Mar 19, 2017
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