Sunday Shorts: 3 *Risque* Tales Of Having Sex In The Car!

Sunday Shorts: 3 *Risque* Tales Of Having Sex In The Car!

1. The Pit Stop

We were on our first vacation together, driving from one city to another, when it began to rain brutally! We couldn’t see the road ahead so, just to be safe, we had to stop on the side. The road was completely deserted, the car was warm and cosy, and there was a romantic track playing on the radio. It really didn’t take us long to get in the mood. We were only making out when his hands wandered around under my shirt. ‘Are you serious?’ I asked, taking my lips off his, ‘The weather calls for it, baby’ he replied with a cheeky grin and I couldn’t help but laugh along, my pants already halfway down. It was a different sensation altogether, the fear of being seen by somebody but going ahead with it anyway. We snuggled, with me sitting on him for a while until the rain subsided and we continued with our journey. Of course, I couldn’t help but think that the pit stop had only made it better!
1 sex in the car

2. The Woods

If there was one thing we had in common - it was our love for travel. Long road trips, soft country music and a trip to the woods - it was our idea of a perfect date. As the night grew darker, the air got foggier. With not a hotel in sight, we thought that it'd be best if spend the night in the car parked in the woods. At first, it was scary, but having his arms wrapped around me felt comforting. Just when I was about to close my eyes and go to sleep, I felt my bra strap snap. From kissing to caressing...he was in the mood. Turning me on with every nibble and touch, I was hungry for him. I started unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his pants - I wanted to make him feel special! He collapsed in my arms that night, and we woke up to a beautiful view the next morning. 2 sex in the car

3. The Unfinished Goodbye

'So, now what? We just break up? Because you couldn't find a good enough job anywhere in this ginormous country?', I snapped, half agitated and half teary eyed. He looked at me and bit his lip in an attempt to stop himself from laughing. 'Fine! Bye!' I yelled in frustration and as I pushed the car door open.  He grabbed my arm, pulled me closer and began kissing me.
Then he broke away from the kiss and said, 'Close the door. I am not done saying goodbye yet'. 3 sex in the car Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock