10 Struggles EVERY Indian Girl Who Has A Boyfriend Will Get!

10 Struggles EVERY Indian Girl Who Has A Boyfriend Will Get!
If being in a relationship wasn’t a task in itself, being in a relationship as an Indian girl is 10x tougher. What with the size of our families and extended families and everyone else we need to hide the relationship from! Here are 10 struggles every Indian girl with a boyfriend will totally get!

1. Texting under a blanket without any breathing breaks!

Whether it’s a fight or a romantic conversation, you have to hide under your blanket and carry them out once the lights in the house go off… with occasional moments of taking out your head just to get a full breath of fresh air.

2. Planning out a date is almost like planning a prison break

Where will you go? What excuse will you give? If you say you are meeting a friend to study, you better carry some books with you! It’s the intricate details that matter to your parents and you have to be extra cautious because one wrong move and it could all go for a toss.
2 Indian girl with a boyfriend

3. You have to keep the excitement of a date to the bare minimum

Which means you have to visit a public toilet on your way to actually put on some makeup and look sexier!

4. You have that one friend you use as a cover up story but now you can never meet her

On the brighter side, here is when you can use the names of all the people you don’t like! 4 Indian girl with a boyfriend

5. Making up valid background stories for all the gifts you get

It is honestly the most tedious thing to do. You have to somehow convince your parents that your friend decided to gift you a teddy bear for no reason at all! Which is also why you would never let your mom clean your room!

6. Understanding the privacy setting for all your social media accounts so that you don’t get caught

Why does it have to be so complicated?! If your family is part of your social media world (which families these days usually are), you know the struggle of customising your privacy settings for some posts and then hiding it for others just to make your account seem legit! 6 Indian girl with a boyfriend

7. When you’re on a date but always on the lookout for relatives

… especially your nosy neighbour aunty. She’s the most dangerous of them all!

8. You never buy condoms etc. from a nearby pharmacist. Always the opposite end of the city.

What if the medical store bhaiya rats on you, huh? 8 Indian girl with a boyfriend

9. You are kind of confused about all the code names you need to keep up with

Sometimes you actually forget whether Shivani was the name you kept for your boyfriend or your friend’s ex which does go on to become an awkward moment.

10. Romantic conversations often turn into ‘Did you complete that assignment?’

Because your parents just walked past! One minute you’re discussing how you want to kiss those big juicy lips, and the next the medieval history of India. Life’s cruel that way, isn’t it? 10 Indian girl with a boyfriend GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr