11 Absurd Stereotypes Women Are SO Sick & Tired Of!

11 Absurd Stereotypes Women Are SO Sick & Tired Of!
Most people think that stereotypes exist for a reason and that they are true. When it comes to women, the stereotypes are perpetuated and flung at us from all directions. Basically, we exist to propagate a hackneyed idea that whatever we do can be done better… Or men can do it better. However, womankind would like to disagree. Here are 10 stereotypes women are sick of hearing.

1. ‘You are a girl. Why don’t you study English instead of Engineering?’

Why don’t you go and throw yourself in a dumpster, because that’s where you belong with your expired thought process. And moreover, if girls stop studying Engineering or Business, what would Chetan Bhagat even write about?

2. ‘Girls can’t drive.’

And you can’t utter a single coherent, intelligent statement. But you don’t find me pointing that out to you because I am busy ramming my car into yours as I can’t effing drive!   2 stereotypes women are sick of hearing

3. ‘Why do you wear makeup? Are you not confident in your own skin?’

Truth be told, every morning I stand in front of the mirror amazed at my flawless complexion, ecstatic to make it even better through makeup. Now you can’t possibly say that about yourself, can you?

4. ‘Girls are not funny’

But your face sure is. Happy? Kthanksbye. 4 stereotypes women are sick of hearing

5. ‘You play cricket? But you are a girl?’

Which holy grail or scripture authorises a woman to not be interested in sports? Yes, you guessed right. None. Now let me excuse myself before my fastball dashes towards your nose, as you begin to tell me that I ‘throw like a girl’.

6. ‘What?! You drink?’

How else do you expect me to usher in the weekend, silly billy? Now before you undermine my character, let me point out that unlike you, I am an adult who knows how to hold her drink.
6 stereotypes women are sick of hearing

7. ‘What is this dating business? Why are you so desperate for a boyfriend?’

A girl’s got her needs. And what I get from your preoccupation with my life is that you are not getting any.

8. ‘Your biological clock is ticking’

Well, that’s more of a fact than a stereotype but what makes people possibly assume that just because we are born with a certain set of genitals, maternal instincts are bound to kick in our 20s, ushering us to our glorious motherhood phase? Well, some of us still feel new to this adulting thing, so just get off our backs okay? 8 stereotypes women are sick of hearing

9. ‘Bad mood? Are you PMSing?’

Let us break it down for you guys, periods are the absolute worst. For three to five days we women are reduced to cranky, unreasonable versions of ourselves where even we can’t keep up with our mood swings. But sometimes people around us are so daft that we are not quite able to keep our calm. Like you assuming that we bleed for 20 days a month (and hence the PMSing) because that’s how much we are annoyed by your incessant questions.

10. ‘Women don’t like other women’

We don’t like some women at times but women love women because of the universal arc of our experiences in an overwhelmingly misogynist world. We hold each other’s hands, pick each other up after heartbreaks and give the best fashion advice. Our best girls always have our backs, come what may!
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11. ‘It is all your fault’

Basically, even if a man poops his pants, you are to be blamed for it as you are a woman. Your fashion sense (or even its lack thereof) won’t keep some men from fetishising about you. So don’t run away from the problem, cause you are the problem.   Ugh, we can’t even! GIFs: Tumblr