#ShaadiKeBaad: 11 Signs He Loves You *More* Than You Think!

#ShaadiKeBaad: 11 Signs He Loves You *More* Than You Think!
He may not confess his love to you as often as he did before. He may even have gone down on those grand romantic gestures, but he loves you just the same as before. How do we know? Because that’s how most men work. When a guy gets comfortable in his relationship, he shows his love not through big words, but through small, meaningful actions. Lest you miss them, here are 11 such signs that show that your husband loves you more than you think.

1. When you’re tired and fast asleep, he tiptoes around the room, and shushes everybody so that you don’t get disturbed.

And if he lets you sleep like that, how can he not be madly in love with you?

2. He makes a genuine effort to change his habits that annoy you.

Wet towel on the bed, or wet bathroom floor – whatever be your complain, he’ll listen to it and at least try to work on it.

3. Whenever he gets you a gift, it’s not just flowers and chocolates, but something that you actually need.

He may consult your girl squad to point him in the right direction, but he’ll make all that effort to gift you something meaningful. 3 husband loves you more than you think

4. He may not remember six month anniversaries, but he remembers all your important work meetings and schedules.

For your dreams, your success, your work matter most to him, and he keeps pushing you back to them.

5. He lets you rule over his wardrobe and choose all his clothes for him.

He can hardly shop for himself without you by his side to help him decide.

6. He may not shower you with compliments every day, but he sure brags about you to his friends.

He can’t keep himself from repeating that funny thing you said or did. It’s almost like you are always on his mind.
6 husband loves you more than you think

7. He supports you and sides up with you in front of your in-laws, always.

He may chide you later, but in front of the world, he puts up a strong front and never leaves you feeling alone and helpless.

8. He fights fair and doesn’t point at your past mistakes just to win an argument.

‘Coz he doesn’t want to hurt you even when he’s angry with you and you two are fighting.

9. He doesn’t shy away from showing affection in public.

He’ll take your hand, give you a kiss, say something in your ear or do whatever else that the world may call PDA, for he feels proud to be with you and doesn’t give a damn about what someone may say of it. 9 husband loves you more than you think

10. He takes your opinion before every big decision and makes you a part of his bigger life plan.

He respects your choices as an individual and takes them into consideration at every step of your married life, and that’s real commitment right there.

11. He just can’t stay mad at you for long.

A day spent without talking to you, without being near to you is a day lost, and he would rather fight it out, figure it out than stay mad at you. You matter more to him than any stupid fight.
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