11 Signs You Have The BEST Fiance Ever… Aww!

11 Signs You Have The BEST Fiance Ever… Aww!
The thing about engagement is that it is more than just about sporting a ring – it is about being together and in sync at a time that marks one of the most amazing but stressful periods of your life. With all the wedding planning madness, you both definitely require each other’s love and support through it all. And ladies, if your soon-to-be husband is doing these 11 things, they are clear signs you have the best fiance!

1. He marks his calendar

For all your trials and tastings and is fine to accommodate it into his busy schedule.

2. He’s cool with the theme

No matter how feminine it is or even if he hates roses – just ‘because you love it – he doesn’t mind making it a part of your big day together.

3. He’s written his vows

So what if it isn’t a part of your traditional wedding culture. Just because it means so much to you – he’s jotted them down and will say them out to you in the most romantic way possible! 3 signs you have the best fiance

4. He talks to your parents…

… Assuring them all will be well and that they shouldn’t stress too much about the wedding. He treats them as he treats his own parents.

5. He understands that you’re occupied and stressed…

He gets that you may be busy with wedding preps or that you need to spend time with your family, and so, he isn’t too demanding of your time and attention.

6. He has healthy arguments

He doesn’t fight over petty issues nor does he make a big deal of something he disagrees with. He sits down and has a conversation – like a mature person.
6 signs you have the best fiance

7. He doesn’t forget to say ‘I love you’

And means it too! No matter how busy he is with the wedding preps he makes it a point to shower you with all his love and care. Oh and the good morning and good night messages – those ain’t going anywhere, come what may.

8. He respects your culture and traditions

Even if they seem futile to him. He doesn’t mind being a part of it all because it means so much to you and your family.

9. He plans the minutest details of your honeymoon

He makes sure it includes everything you want to see and do. 9 signs you have the best fiance

10. Your wedding dream is his as well

And he is proud to play it the way you want it – just as you would adjust the way he wants things to be.

11. He is your biggest support…  

… Standing by you in this extremely stressful phase – like a rock! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr