Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Tales Of *First* Wedding Anniversaries

Sunday Shorts: 3 Steamy Tales Of *First* Wedding Anniversaries

1. Gold Baby, Gold!

For our wedding anniversary, I bought him something he's always wanted - a pair of gold cufflinks. We wanted to stay in and cook a romantic meal for our first wedding anniversary. The look on his face when he opened the box and saw the cufflinks was priceless! He then asked me to come closer and whispered that there was a present waiting in the bedroom for me.
As we walked in and turned on the lights, a golden lingerie set was carefully placed on our bed with rose petals. I quickly changed and flew into his arms. Planting kisses of intense passion on my lips and neck, I couldn't hold back anymore... We were at it till dawn. I woke up late the next day, cuddled in my husband's arms.

2. The First (Almost) Fight

Both of us had been completely in sync with each other for a year. That day I woke up smiling because it was our anniversary - but he had forgotten! I couldn’t help but be furious. I spent the entire day anticipating our first fight. When he got back home, I opened the door, about to scream my head off, but...he was there, down on his knees, with a ring in hand. He said, ‘Before you say anything, I want to to propose something…I want you by my side, even when I forget important days, for the rest of my life.’ He gave that cheeky smile I love and that was that!  Placing myself conveniently on his lap, I went ahead and planted a kiss on his lips. My hands were unbuttoning his shirt even before I could realise what I was doing. That night, we didn’t stop until we had christened every room of our house!

3. The Party Can Wait

My husband and I wanted to celebrate our first wedding anniversary away from home. We’d imagined that it would be just the two of us, away from all distractions and duties, in our own little bubble. Sadly, due to family pressure and expectations, we ended up staying at home and throwing a party for everyone instead. While I was upset with this development, I decided not to act like a party pooper and tried to enjoy our day together.
Cut to the party, my husband suddenly pulled me aside while everyone was dancing. He took me to the guest bathroom of the hotel and started kissing me. I told him to stop because it was our party and guests would start missing us. ‘The party and the guests can wait, I want you to myself right now’ he said. We made love right there and then, in the guest bathroom of a hotel. And let me tell you - that was the best sex we’ve ever had! Images: Giphy, Shutterstock