10 HOT Games To Play With Him That’ll Leave Him Wanting *More*

10 HOT Games To Play With Him That’ll Leave Him Wanting *More*
Want to get him super turned on, the next time he sees you? Although, your boyfriend already loves and wants you every minute of every day, we’ve got a few games that will leave him wanting more. So what are you waiting for? Try these 10 sexy games to play with your boyfriend the next time you two spend the night… Or day, together!

1. Time bomb

Take a timer and put in a random time limit, say 20 minutes. Now for those 20 minutes the challenge is to kiss each other, tease each other, touch each other but NOT have sex. You can get naked but you can’t actually have sex. The longer the time limit, the better the outcome will be when it finally gets over! 1 games to play with your boyfriend

2. Spelling bee through touch

Spell out dirty words for your boyfriend on his arm or his bare back. See the surprise on his face as he realises what you’re spelling out. You can even try making a full sentence, something like ‘Here’s what I want to do to you tonight…’

3. Roll the dice

Take a dice and write down a kinky thing you want to try, against every number. Now all you have to do is roll it and try whatever comes up. You can’t back down or end the game until all the things have been done. And if a number comes up twice, well, that’s just fate! 3 games to play with your boyfriend

4. Kinky cards

Take a deck of cards and give each suit a naughty meaning. For example, hearts can represent a massage, spades can mean kissing and so on, depending on whatever the two of you are comfortable with. Now pick out a card, taking turns and the partner has do the task associated with it for the number of seconds or minutes that the card reads. For example if you pick out 4 of spades, it would mean kissing for four minutes!

5. Texting rewards

Before you are about to meet your man, send him a text saying you want to play a game with him. Ask him questions and tell him he will be rewarded for every question that he gets right. Now make sure you ask him things he would have an idea about such as where you two first kissed or when you first met. Make the rewards kinkier with every right question and give him the right to choose when he wants to be rewarded! 5 games to play with your boyfriend

6. Open mouth, closed eyes

Ask your man to lie down and close his eyes. Now you have to place different body parts in his mouth. Like your left boob or your finger or even your lips! You have the right to decide what body part stays, for how long, while he will be left waiting in anticipation about what’s coming next!

7. Truth or dare

It’s the classic game with a little naughty twist. All your truths and dares have to be something naughty, sexy or downright hot. This will give your partner an idea of what you want in bed later too! *Wink* 7 games to play with your boyfriend

8. 30 seconds

This is another race-against-time kind of game. You and your partner both have 30 seconds to turn each other on. You take turns, and in those 30 seconds can do whatever you think will work for your partner, while the other person has to sit still and enjoy the show. Of course, this has to be repeated several times. But that just makes it more fun! The game doesn’t end until one of the two admits they are definitely turned on.

9. The ‘love’ movie game

Don’t feel like putting in too much effort? Just get a romantic movie and start watching it. Make a list of cheesy words and every time any of those words are said, you two have to kiss. Catch is, you have to watch the full movie and not just start making out in between - even if you’re super tempted. This will definitely leave your man wanting more and also, it’s the perfect way to get him to watch a romantic movie with you! 9 games to play with your boyfriend

10. Hot and cold

Take an ice cube in your mouth and surprise him by passing it to him while kissing. The hot and cold sensation is mind-blowing and he will love it! Now keep kissing until the ice cube has completely melted. You can then move on to other objects such as some delicious hard candy. Who says playing hot and cold can’t be fun? GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr