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15 Steamy Texts He Wants You To Send To Him At *Night*

15 Steamy Texts He Wants You To Send To Him At *Night*

Imagine having sex and not actually physically doing it? Well, sexting is exactly that and it is technology’s way of saying ‘You’re welcome’! Sexting keeps couples connected with each other, especially the ones in a long distance relationship. Imagine surprising him by sending a sexting messages when he is actually thinking about you. Here are 15 sexts he wants to receive from you on all those nights when you are away and he’s lonely.
1. ‘Guess what I am wearing to bed tonight? Yep, nothing!’ 1 Sexts he wants to receive 2. ‘Do you have a minute? Because I have something that will make you want to touch yourself, right now.’ 3. ‘Did you have a stressful day hun? Let me give you a massage and end it however you want.’ *Wink* 4. ‘The next time I am going to see you, I’ll take off your tie, use it as a blindfold and let you do anything you’d like.’ 5. ‘I don’t feel like doing anything right now, but I can still do you... All night!’ 5 sexts he wants to receive 6. ‘Where do you want to have a quickie? If you give me an answer, I’ll make sure it happens!’ 7. ‘How about we spend the next weekend together? In bed.’ 8. ‘If I was with you right now, I would just let you take complete control.’ 9. ‘I hope no one is looking at your phone because something *very* dirty is going to come your way.’ 9 sexts he wants to receive 10. ‘Send me a picture of what you’re wearing (or not) right now.’ 11. ‘This is the red bra I bought, just thought I’d let you know and get an opinion!’ 12. ‘I had a super naughty dream last night and you were playing an interesting role in it! 13. ‘If you tell me the colour of my bra right now, I promise to give you the best blow job EVER!’ 13 sexts he wants to recieve 14. ‘Don’t waste too much energy missing me, I want you to use that energy with me… In bed.’ 15. ‘I feel like something's missing in my life. You. Between my legs.’ Images: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock 
Published on Mar 15, 2017
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